Now + Here Makes Shopping Easier

Sears Image 1_Revised

Calling all Fashionistas! Sears has just announced an exciting new fast fashion shop called Now + Here. Featuring styles that will change with the trends, the shop will ensure its members have immediate access to monthly deliveries of the hottest new fashions.  Set in a hip and digitally enhanced shopping environment, Now + Here will […]

I Let My #DisneySide Show When I Party

Cranraisin Lemon Poppy Muffins

I think I was born with a pair of Mickey Mouse ears attached to my head! I have been a huge fan of Disney since I can remember, and that is a long time! My mom was also a big fan, especially of Mickey Mouse and Goofy. One of the first movies I saw at […]

3 Ways To Build Problem Solving Skills In Kids #NetflixKids

How Stuff Works

I am a huge nerd and science was one of my favorite subjects in school. You wold not find me sick on the day we were to dissect the frogs in biology! It was no surprise to my family when I went into the nursing field and got my degree in the same. My kids […]

Sears Now Has Convenient In-Vehicle Pick Up

In Vehicle Delivery sized

Sears is combining online shopping with local store convenience with the introduction of its new In-Vehicle Pickup service.  Powered by the Shop Your Way mobile app, In-Vehicle Pickup lets customers pick up their online purchases at any Sears store within five minutes of arrival, without ever leaving the car. To schedule In-Vehicle Pickup, Shop Your Way […]

Lessons Your Kids Can Learn From The Winter Olympics #NetflixKids


My kids are not super sports oriented, but they do enjoy playing soccer and softball. When it comes to watching sports on TV, the kids will usually watch whatever my husband has on. I am not one for sports on any level, unless it is watching the kids play. The one thing my family can […]

Three Tricks To Help You Stick To Your Workout #GetMotivated

Three Tricks To Help You Stick To Your Workout

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card. All opinions are 100% mine. Many people set goals and resolutions at the beginning of each new year and exercise is among the most popular. I think once we have overindulged over the holidays at parties and at home, we tend to […]

Three Boredom Busters When Kids Get Sick #NetflixKids

Three Boredom Busters When Kids Get Sick #NetflixKids

If you have kids and they are in school, they are probably going to get sick at least once this year. We are smack dab in the middle of cold and flue season, so this is a prime time for illness. Even if we get kids to wash their hands and try to be careful […]

The #homecollection Twitter Party Is Today

This time of year everyone is making their New Year’s resolutions. We strive to be more organized then we were last year, but sometimes we just cannot figure out how. Thank goodness a new line of organizational products offers easy ways to help manage daily reminders and tackle tomorrow’s to-dos. Pairing functionality with stylish design […]

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