A day in the life of a REAL housewife

Okay, so my guilty pleasure is watching The Real Housewives on Bravo (I love all of them)…but come on already, then are not REAL housewives.  I don’t know a Mom that is in full hair, makeup and decked out in the latest fashions on a daily basis.  Your typical REAL housewife is running around like a chicken with her head cut off…lucky to have taken a shower, shaved her legs and brushed her teeth in the last few days!  I am not ashamed to admit that I have dropped my daughter off to school in my pj’s and when my hair needs to be washed I put on a hat.  As mother’s we do whatever needs to be done to make sure everyone’s needs are met sometimes forgetting about our needs.  I shouldn’t have to ask my husband to watch the kids so I can take a shower…I should be allowed as a human being to take a shower in peace with no interruption.  I am tired of the speed shower, who knew I could shower, get dressed and ready to leave the house in under 10 minutes.   I strive to keep the house clean but it just doesn’t happen at the end of the day its a mess again…then my husband comes home with the what did you do all day look.  It might look like I didn’t do anything but there is plenty I did do that you can’t see.  And my new attitude is this: a messy house = happy kids…happy kids = happy mommy and happy mommy = happy daddy!  So that’s all that matters, my kids are happy, healthy, fed and bathed…I might not have showered in 2 days and be wearing my pj’s but the kids come first.  There will come a day when they kids are gone and I can take long showers, have a clean house and nap…but I know that when that time comes I will long for the messy house and happy kids!  I am going to live in the moment and soak up all this craziness now because we all know that things change all too quickly!


  1. AMEN! Thank you for sharing a post like this!  It is so rare to find shows/people talking about REAL moms lives! Good luck with getting a shower in peace! 

  2. Robyn- You are a trip! Want to watch my kids why I go to the beach with Noah. I mean since you are not doing anything!

  3. So glad I’m not the only one who is the *less than perfect* housewife!

  4. Great post! Love this: “I should be allowed as a human being to take a shower in peace with no interruption.” … I’m your newest GFC follower Mandiana 😀

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