Clean house = Dirty House

Why is it every time I clean the house it seems to get messed up almost right away?  I feel like it’s all I do anymore…clean the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, playroom, dining room etc…as soon as I move to the next room it gets messed up right behind me.  It’s so frustrating!  I know I am not alone in this but I feel like complaining about it.  My husband travels for his job and forgets himself when he’s home.  All his stuff is placed randomly in the house…I am like “DUDE” I’m not a maid!  The 2 most annoying things he does…puts his laundry in front of the laundry basket (yes in front of it…NOT in it) and puts his wet towel on my bed!  It’s a good thing he’s not home when I find it cause I would like to drop kick him across the house.  And I end up being the bad guy when I say something, how does that work?  I wouldn’t be crabby if you would just do your part!  I can excuse a mess for a child but not a grown man!  Crazy thing is, my 3.5 yr old will come across something that Daddy hasn’t put away and say to me “Daddy didn’t pick up after himself, this is unacceptable” LOL…”when he comes home he needs a timeout”!  Pretty bad when the kid is telling you what you should and shouldn’t do.


  1. I totally get you! And yes my daughter also says things like that, but the sad thing is she has picked up on his bad habits now and expects me to clean up after her – and she is 7 now… So as much as I don’t like having to complain, I feel if I don’t she will think it is acceptable to leave her uneaten crackers all over the house and to leave food out of the frig ( and it goes bad) and throws her clothes on the floor anywhere… So for me it has continued to get worse the older she gets the bigger the messes and I feel like that is all I do – it is like trying to dig myself out of quicksand…. and if I leave it… it is to the point where I can’t even think straight for all the clutter and stuff I have to step over and trip over… For me, I have to set boundaries and teach respect to my child… and as Dr. Phil said once ( not that I’m a Dr Phill fan- I’m not but he has a point ) throw the stuff in the trash and that will get their attention…. I’m not a maid and even if I were a maid… I don’t deserve to be treated like a slave…. I’ve had to get really creative to get my point across…. LOL!

  2. LOL!
    1st. When the house is REALLY neat and clean – any new mess is  much more noticeable.
    2nd.  Some people are just more messy than others – somehow those opposites seem to attract – Luckily, I have a fantastic husband who is neat, clean, and helpful around the house.  On Saturdays, he always cleans our bedroom and bathroom (which includes vacuuming, dusting, changing sheets, scrubbing the toilet, sinks and counter tops, mirrors, mopping, etc. etc.), and helps with the laundry.  He will also load the dishwasher and do anything else that I ask.   Yes – He is a WINNER.
    3rd. That old saying about how housework will keep – it’s true.  Try to enjoy having your husband when he’s at home – faults and all:-)

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