Each year my mom, sister and I go on vacation together for a girls trip.  This year we have my 2 kids and my niece with us.  Picture this, 4 adults and 2 kids in car seats with 100 bags packed in my sister’s Escalade…yeah its a big car but not big enough for all of us and our “stuff”!  We made it that’s all that matters and along the way we had a few laughs at each others expense.  It has been established that my niece has a huge nose, my sister has the “perfect” nose, I have a ski slope and my mom has a ball…and my kids well we don’t know yet.  Although we have driven to this place for 26 years we get lost almost every time and have to stop for directions…which is always a comical episode because we all think our way is the correct way!  After finding our way 4 hrs later we arrive and unpack, my daughter had to use the bathroom so she was running to make it before she had an accident, she gets up on the toliet and totally falls in…I just stand there dying laughing (bad mommy I know) she says don’t laugh at me its not funny as I am still crying laughing at her.  The day finally over we are getting ready for bed and all of the sudden I hear this loud ripping noise, my niece looks up and says did you hear that and I am like yes…then with this mortified look on her face turns red…her pants ripped all the way down!  You would have to know my family to get the humor we think the silliest things are funny…well not just funny but crying laughing funny!

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