Reading With Your Child

The best way to get a child interested in reading is to read with them. One of the best books you can read with a child is a book about him or her! It’s very thrilling to read a book with your name printed on its pages and to hear your name over and over in the story. It’s no secret about how far technology has advanced. Affordable books can now be purchased that are personalized with your child’s name, sibling’s names, friend’s names and even pictures! Such a book is sure to be a favorite and one any developmentally ready child will quickly learn to read.

Story themes are diverse so you can choose one- or more- that caters to the interests of your child. Samples of the many themes and topics can be found on one of the creators, My Chronicle Books. When you look to choose one be sure the manufacturer has choices appropriate for boys, girls and infants. In addition to story lines, options for personalizing usually include the option for a dedication. This is a great way for you to show your child how much you love and care about him or her.

Personalized books are great for any occasion, such as birthdays, holidays, momentous accomplishments and “just because.” The child will appreciate the gift but will also appreciate the memory the book holds of you.

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