My Morning Rant and Rave & Scrubbing bubbles Giveaway

This is my Rant and Rave of the day!

Rave: I am so glad to be home after BlogHer. It was a great fun-filled packed trip, but it really gave me the time to recharge. ¬†I needed that time because I am the only one home with the kids 6 weeks at a time 24/7 seven days a week for 6 weeks at a time. I really have respect for all those single mommies out there. My kids missed me, and Jakobi called me a good boy for coming home! ūüôā This morning we went shopping to get food for the house using 1/2 my coupons I got to try out different brands at BlogHer. My total savings from the coupons came to $97!! I was able to get neat brands like Dole, Weight Watchers, Scrubbing Bubbles, Stacey’s Pita chips, and more…Stay tuned for upcoming reviews and giveaways on Makobi Scribe! In a nut shell, I am raving about being home ūüôā

Rant: OMG! I am sick. Someone on that dang blasted plane must have breathed in my recycled air space. Don’t people know not to breathe my air when they are sick? thank goodness the kids aren’t sick YET. AND guess who is coming home? Yep Daddy. We haven’t seen him in 6 weeks and we he arrives, I will be sick!

Fun stuff for you: I got so many coupons I will never use for free things, I am sharing with you! Enter the Rafflecopter form below to win a Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl cleaner! Makes sure you can go to the store to buy it by Aug 31 (I’ll mail it to you on the 20th)


  1. Thanks for sharing your coupon swag! The link to your twitter for this site isn’t working¬†


    PS …always wondered what the meaning behind the name of your other blog was and now I am wondering about this one, too…

    • Ma=Mason Ko-Jakobi Bi=Billy

      Sason and Pobi is what Jakobi calls himself and Mason ūüôā

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