Sing For Hope

sing for hope

With so much national attention on the state of the economy and the U.S. rankings of math and science programs, it’s easy to forget that the arts are just as critical to a child’s development. Some would say, in fact, that the arts are even more important in the molding of smart, confident, successful individuals. If your child is interested in creative pursuits, here are six reasons to encourage them.

  1. Focus:  The kind of focus required to memorize stage directions is the same kind your child will need to master the periodic table. In fact, it’s been statistically proven that kids with well-rounded art educations also have higher grades and GPAs overall.
  2. Perseverance: If at first you don’t succeed, start again on a new canvas or with a new piece of music. This is a common lesson to students of the arts, and an attitude that will benefit them later in later when it comes to finding a job, applying to colleges or weathering life’s various disappointments.
  3. Cooperation: With the exception of, say, solo pianists, many of the arts require face-to-face communication and collaboration with others. Your child can’t run a dance troupe by themselves or put on a play all alone. This kind of interaction is good for the development of social skills and community spirit.
  4. Manners: Having a regular after-school activity will teach your child the importance of punctuality and courtesy. They’ll form good habits that can be carried over to all aspects of their lives, not just their photography club or theater group.
  5. Compassion: Studies have shown that children who grow up in the arts have more developed senses of empathy and tolerance. They have a better understanding of their own emotions and can easily put themselves in another person’s shoes.
  6. Passion: One of the best reasons to encourage your child’s interest in the arts is the sense of passion they’ll develop not just for singing, acting or drawing, but for life itself. Arts go hand-in-hand with joie de vivre, or happiness and excitement of the spirit. Your child will glow with purpose and pride every time they step on stage or complete another painting.

These are just a few of the values you’ll instill in your children with a well-rounded arts education. For more information on the importance of the creativity, cooperation and compassion, check out sites like SingforHope.org.

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