Why is it we need a vacation when we get back from vacation…

I have the answer…when we prepare for vacation we go crazy getting everything we are going to need…including things we might need, might not need and will never use but bring anyways because we know if we don’t have them we will end up needing them!  So I am finally on vacation, having survived packing and traveling on a plane with 2 small children by myself (I think I was crazy when I agreed to go by myself…next time when my mom offers to come help, I will say yes)!  So we are now on day 3 of our trip and I have had the 3 worst nights of sleep…like just bringing a newborn home from the hospital type of sleep…UGH!!!  Kids are adjusting to new surroundings and my 3.5 yr old has peed thru the bed every night!!!  Like really??

SO tomorrow is my 33rd birthday and I am celebrating it with my sister, mother, neice and my 2 daughters in Rockport, ME…a place that we have vacationed since I was 7, if that doesn’t make me feel old nothing will!  But it’s beautiful here and I am looking forward to some cocktails at the pool, a lobster roll for lunch and a big ole lobster for dinner.  It’s a birthday tradition for me, everyone always wants to know what to buy me…I say bring on the lobster!

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