Why me???

I have been planning my daughter’s destination first birthday for months and months…it’s this Sunday in New Hampshire (we live in Florida).  It’s a farm theme complete with traveling farm animals…but Hurricane Irene may have other plans for our farmtastic birthday party!  Of course, it’s all outside and with the amount of people I have coming there is no way to move it inside.  So now, I sit scrambling trying to figure out a Plan B…and hoping the traveling farm will make an exception to their no refunds we come rain or shine policy because if I still have to pay for them then I wont be able to afford to have another party and spend the same amount or more!  UGH…I could seriously cry!  My husband is flying in, my nieces are coming from Texas and Vermont all for this!  SIGH!!!!  Say a prayer for me that the Hurricane does a 360 and goes in the opposite direction!  I know there are worse things in life that could happen and life will go on…but all this preparation and anticipation only to have it ruined bums me out! 🙁

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