You Too Can Get Paid To Blog

I decided to log my progress with my paid to blogging adventures on Makobi Scribe on Sason and Pobi.  Yesterday, I joined the several pay-to-blog sites as listed below.

I had already been a member of Social Spark.  They are a well known company I had found through my paid-to-tweet company, Sponsored Tweets.  I had written an article already for them, and my payment is currently pending.  Their sign up process is super easy.  After you sign up, add a blog, and in about a week my blog was processed.  I receive leads every couple days that I can say I’m interested or bargain my price with.  Super user friendly.  Already paying out!  IZEA also has another program Pay Per Post, but I hear it takes months to get your blog approved there.  I am on the list, so we shall see.  While signing up for Pay Per Post, I also found Sponzai where they write the posts and you put them on your blog.
Set Your Price. Choose your Advertisers. Sign up for SocialSpark!

The first place I stopped by yesterday was Smorty.  It had an easy sign-up process, and I was approved shortly after.  Make sure, however, after you sign up that you ADD your blog :)!  They rate your blog out of 5 stars (I got 4) and then your blog sits in a queue waiting to be approved.  I will update you after that happens.  They also have a feature of Post Exchange where you exchange posts with another Smorty user.
Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Next on my list was Sponsored Reviews.  I had signed up with them last year on a different blog and received several offers a month to blog for them.  You have the choice to blog for the companies or not, but if you decide to accept, it is a must to finish your post ASAP!  What I liked about Sponsored Reviews is that I could find advertisers myself in addition to receiving offers from them. Currently, my blog is pending approval.

Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with SponsoredReviews.com

Infolinks was the last stop.  They highlight word in your posts and pay you on a click basis every month.  I like that you can turn Infolinks off and on in individual posts and pages.

I am also an advertising affiliate with MySavings Media- Quality Offers – Top Payouts and have their rotating banners on my page.  I earna fair amount of money through them.


I will keep adding to this blog how my progress has been.  Hope this helps some!


  1. Always wonder about these sites. Do they accept International blogs or just the ones in US or/and Canada?

  2. I have been wanting to try this, getting paid to blog. The SocialSpark wants you to allow them to post in your site, am I reading that right? I don’t like that idea. Is there anyway around it? Have they posted things onto your website? thanks for sharing all your info. Marla

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