Cool and Creative DIY Projects You Can Do with the Kids

Are you the type of parent who is always looking for something fun, creative, and unique to do with the kids? DIY projects can be the perfect solution, as they give everyone a chance to let their creativity shine, and you’re left with something that everyone can be proud of. To help you in your […]

Easily Update A Bathroom With A New Faucet From Danze

This is our old faucet. It came with the house and is very cheap and dated. Nothing special, nothing to remember. Slowly bit by bit my husband and I have begun to improve our house, but we have to do it piece by piece because it is really expensive as many home owners know. A […]

Design Your Dream Kitchen With Home Depot #revitalizeandredesign

It is always exciting when you buy your first home (or any home for that matter). My sister would never consider buying anything but a brand spanking new house. My brother decided to design and build he and my sister in law’s dream home. For my family, we were on a tight budget, so we […]

Snack Time With Dad Apple Cookies Recipe

My boys love fruit, but they also love cookies. My wife helped me adapt the recipe from the Lil Snappers website to create a cookie made of apples! Of course, I got to serve it to them, so I am the hero! This apple cookie recipe is made best with Lil Snappers Pink Lady Apples. […]

Homemade Toilet Target Daddy Craft

“HONEYYYY!! Did you leave pee on the seat!” In the “wee” hours of the night you can hear blood curdling screeches from my beautiful wife and amazing mother. With two young boys in full potty training mode things can get messy. My youngest son is still trying to figure out how the whole potty deal works, but my […]

Brazilian Beer Chicken On The Grill

“Good chicken by a self-proclaimed GRILL MASTER.”    This year, like every year, I fired-up the grill for my son’s birthday party. Usually I smoke a ham or something, but this year I decided on giving the smoker a break and do some grilling. At first I thought about going the hamburgers and hot dogs route, but then […]

DIY Replace A Light Fixture

“Let there be light!” There are always little “eye sores” around the house that need to be replaced. Today my wife “suggested” that I replace a light fixture. Actually, this needed to be done a while ago, but I rationalized that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. My wife doesn’t agree, at all. My interior decorating skills […]

Sweet and Garlicky Pork Chops

“Tha tha tha tha That’s all folks.” Back to the grill for a delicious pork loin I turned into a pork chop. If you like the taste of Thai, then you are in for a real treat. Once again I searched the Barbecue Bible for a good pork recipe, and like every other time I found one. […]

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