LeapFrog Is Making Reading Fun In My Neighborhood

Reading has always been a huge part of my life. My mom seemed to always have a book in her hand and still does! She goes to the library at least 2-3 times a week. My sister and I picked up my mom’s love for reading and have been bookworms since we we really young. […]

The Octonauts Will Get Kids To Take A Bath

Boy do kids love to play outside, roll in the grass, play in the dirt and splash in puddles when it rains. The problem is a lot of these same kids do not like to take a bath. So the big question is how can you get kids to take a bath? When mine were […]

Doodle Roll Review

My son loves to color and draw. It would be fun to see what he’d come up with if I left him with markers and crayons in a white room! The Doodle Roll is a convenient way for kids to color and draw and then take their masterpieces with them wherever they go! We give […]

Toys For Infants Baby Einstein Music and Discovery Travel Mirror Review

Toys For Infants Ever since I was pregnant for my first daughter in 2007, I have loved Baby Einstein’s toys for infants.  I was drawn to the DVDs, CDs, toys and play mats.  I had to have them and got several as gifts for my baby shower.  When she arrived, her favorites were Baby Einstein! […]

Preschool Games Educational Insights Grandmas Trunk Alphabet Game Sweepstakes

Preschool Games You can never have too many preschool games, my 4 year old loves to play games and I also enjoy the one on one time it creates for us.  I was recently able to review a game from Educational Insights called Grandmas Trunk Alphabet Game.  I couldn’t wait until she came home from […]

Gumball Machine Sweepstakes

  I am a huge kid at heart and when I was asked to review Carousel’s Junior Gumball Machine and Bank, I wasn’t sure who would enjoy it more, myself or my grand daughters! This nostalgic bubblegum machine brings back memories of when I was a child: if I was ‘good’ when my parents took me out […]

For the Bug Lover HEXBUG Nano Review

For the Bug Lover HEXBUG Nano Is there a bug lover in your household?  I found the most unique product for the bug lover HEXBUG Nano, it is so lifelike you will think its a real bug and want to remove it from your home!  My daughter Isabella (4), loves nature which includes: bugs, snakes, […]

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