Stroller Handle Grips from CityGrips Review

I love going for walks on sunny days when weather permits. I love it even more that I have two kids that I can take with me. I do not love the terrain that I have to deal with though! I live where there are no sidewalks or pavement, just dirt road. As you can […]

Tub Safety Benches Butt Bench Sweepstakes

I love my children. Chloe, 4 years, and Finn 19 months, are my heart and soul. But, I do not love bath time. These kiddos LOVE to get in there together. They splash, color and have an overall good time. The bath process is not so fun for mommy. Leaning over the edge of the […]

Ella’s Kitchen Baby food Sweepstakes

I’ll be honest. I have been known to try my son and daughter’s baby food from time to time. I am of the opinion that if I won’t eat it then why should they? With the exception of the foods I just plain do not care for of course. Paul Lindley, Ella’s dad, decided to […]

No More Tears Johnsons Natural Baby Products

No More Tears I never thought having kids could prove how clueless I really am!  I never realized how many different baby products were on the market, Johnson’s is the only one with No More Tears formula.  My older sister had kids when I was young and I remember bath time and the way they […]

Childrens Sunglasses With UV Protection Babiators Sunglasses Sweepstakes

Childrens Sunglasses With UV Protection Babiators Sunglasses Babiators sunglasses Living in Florida it is very important to keep your childs eyes protected with Childrens Sunglasses With UV Protection like with Babiators sunglasses.  Every since I have had my children I have bought pair after pair of sunglasses for them.  I have found that most of the sunglasses […]

Scent Science Blanket Perfect for Baby Gift Baskets

I have just received the Science Scent Blanket and I am already in love with this product because it has made a difference in the way my son sleeps. The blanket was very soft and had a cute little bear that is holding a meshed heart balloon that holds the scent swatch in place. I […]

Baby Blankets

Soft and cuddly.  Your first sense of security.  A baby blanket is the first thing that makes you comfortable and secure.  When a baby is crying, sometimes wrapping them in their favorite blanket is the only way for them to calm down. A baby blanket can be made from a variety of fabrics.  Choosing a […]

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