Keep Your Litter Box Smelling Fresh With Fresh Step #ClubFreshStep

#shop How To Keep Your Litter Box Smelling Fresh #ClubFreshStep

I am a self confessed cat lady but not the kind you may think. Well, I am a bit on the crazy side, but I am far from appearing on an animal hoarders or animal intervention show! I only have two cats right now, but my sisters each have 4, so they are half way to achieving “Cat Lady” status! I have two sisters who were born on Thanksgiving 2010 and we absolutely love them to death. Fat Hazel is, well, fat and she is her mama’s girl. When I had my surgery, she did not leave my side for almost 2 weeks during my recovery. She is almost always laying next to me when I work and as a matter of fact, she is snoring on me as I type this post! Meep, is our little petite princess who is the opposite of her sister. Meep, which means “happy” in my son’s special language, is small and mostly white with a black Mickey Mouse head pattern on her back. She makes biscuits on my shoulder and sleeps right next to me every night. As much as I love my girls, I do not love how smelly their little box can get. I cannot really blame them as it is my poor choice in cat litter that causes such a stink. Thank goodness for all of our noses in this house I wised up and bought what I should have been using all along: Fresh Step cat litter.
#shop How To Keep Your Litter Box Smelling Fresh

How To Keep Your Litter Box Smelling Fresh

I was eager to try the Fresh Step With OdorShield because I had heard such good things about the odor control. I love shopping at Sam’s Club because they almost always have what I want and the prices are not to be beat. I have a pretty new Sam’s Club nearby, so we love to shop there and when I found they carried the Fresh Step I was looking for, we were all eager to head over. The Sam’s Club is always so neat and clean and we have the same lady that works almost every evening, so it is nice to see a friendly face. The pet section is easy to find and is always stocked super well. We found the Fresh Step OdorShield in the 42 pound bag quite easily and the price, as always, was perfect! Henry is my big strong helper, so he wanted to be the one to put the bag into the cart. I love the flexible handles attached to the bag to make it easier to carry. We picked up a few other things and we headed to the check out. I was surprised at the minimal amount of customers in the check out area, but it was almost 8 pm, so people were probably at home. As always, we were sincerely thanked on our way out and we were headed home to try the new litter.
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You know there is a difference in this litter just in the way it feels in your hands. It is lightweight and not chalky like other brands and there is no dust. The zip lock opening makes it easy to open and close the bag and the handles also make it easy to pour. I was worried the cat’s would have an issue with my using new litter, but as you can see, Hazel went right up to it.

#shop OdorShield
Meep, on the other hand, is more cautious and wanted to check out the bag first. maybe she was looking to see how many “Paw Points” we would earn with this purchase. The Paw Points are a rewards program from Fresh Step that when accumulated, allow you to redeem for cat toys and accessories, donations to the ASPCA and other great items. If you purchase the 42 pound bag of the Odor Control Fresh Step from Sam’s Club, you can ear double points through 10/31 (YAY!). I just earned 50 points by opening my Paw Points account, completing my profile and uploading the girls picture.
#shop Paw Points
There is a science behind the freshness in the Fresh Step litter that I was completely unaware of. By using plant extracts, the Fresh Step litter traps odors before they ever leave your litter box. By adding carbon, which only 5 grams has the surface area of an entire football field to absorb those stinky odors! They also add an anti-microbial, which can stomp out the overpowering stench of ammonia, which is found in urine. To round out the amazing group of powerful ingredients, clay, which is highly absorbent, keeps that pee pee in clumps to make it easier for you to clean. I LOVE out Fresh Step with OdorShield and you can bet we will not be using anything else again! (and Meep and Hazel would not let me anyway lol). In case you are wondering about the very first picture, that is our weak attempt at the new craze called “cat bearding”. You take your kitty in your lap, facing outward and gently tilt their head back towards your nose. When you take the picture, it is supposed to look like your cat’s nose it your nose and you have a cat beard. It is really funny and clever (when done properly), but we had two very uncooperative kittens, so we did the best we could!


  1. Great info, I need this for the dog I am about to adopt!
    I wish dogs were as easy as cats!

  2. This is so great to see. I’ve avoided cats in the past because of litter odor (and dust!) but my 6 year old is starting to beg… thank you for the option!

  3. No dust is a big deal. This looks like a great option, and I love your cat bearding pic.

  4. We love Fresh Step, we have two cats so whatever we use has to stand up to both of them. I had a lot of fun with their cat bearding contest, I have one that does not mind and one that would not cooperate no matter how many treats we gave her!

  5. Thanks for sharing this info. I have been looking into getting a new cat litter. Ours isn’t working very well at all.

  6. What a great cat bearding picture!!! SO cute!!! We love Fresh Step too!

  7. I didn’t know about the pew points on the bottom of the bag. My niece has the biggest cat I have ever seen, and our Grandma had a pretty big cat. We’re always looking for the best ways to keep that litter box smelling good.

  8. This is good to know! I am going to have to get some for my cat.

  9. Cute cat bearding! Glad you like using Fresh Step! #client

  10. I love your cat bearding pic and am so happy that Fresh Step cat litter is working out for you! #client

  11. Love the cat beard! So cute!! I am not a cat person, though. Dogs all the way 😉

  12. Great tips – I will share them with my friends who have cats.

  13. Having 3 cats, this product is totally for me! Thanks for sharing! I am going give this a try!

  14. Love the cat bearding! I adore my kitties but man do I hate dealing with the litter! We use Fresh Step, though, and it does make life easier.

  15. I don’t have a cat but if I ever get one, fresh step it is. Sounds super easy and clean.

  16. I didn’t know plant extracts help cut the odor!

  17. So nice that there’s not dust with that brand, and then of course the paw points are giant perk!

  18. Great review–need to tell my mother in law about this–she has cats 🙂

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