A family tradition


Since we have had children, my husband and I started doing certain things with the kids to start our own family traditions.  We have been attending Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party each year.  Living in Florida, we never see snow so when we arrive at the park and see it snowing on Main Street we all light up with excitement!  The holiday music is in the background and the decorations are all festive and perfect…it makes it feel like Christmas even if the weather is warm.  The hot coco and cookie stations are awesome!  Our favorite part of the evening is the shows in each land, the parade and fireworks.  We happened to be running late for the fireworks this year and we weren’t able to get to our coveted spot in front of the castle.  We were standing behind the castle near Dumbo when they went off and it was truly amazing!  We had a 360 degree view of the fireworks as they were going off all around us…it was like we were in the middle of them, I have never experienced anything like it!  I highly recommend seeing it from that spot at least once…you miss out on the light show on the castle but if your there for a week you can see it another night.

My fondest vacation memories from childhood are our family trips to Disney World.  I have been lucky enough to share my Disney vacations with my sister and parents for the last several years.  This year my cousin from Mississippi is coming with her husband and son.  I can’t wait to see the cousins together exploring all the parks have to offer and seeing the wonder and smiles on their faces.  I am hoping to have this trip become an annual event for our family’s as the kids get bigger.

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