Childhood memories

Mickey Mouse

While on vacation I was able to have a get together with my whole family.  I love that warm and fuzzy feeling I get when we are able to get together with all my siblings, our kids and parents.  It doesn’t happen very often because everyone lives in New England and I live in Florida so its always a nice treat to all be together.  We were talking about all our family vacations down to Florida.  We were from New Hampshire and my parents loved to travel to Florida to visit family and friends.  Our trips always included going to Disney World.  My parents have been going to the park since it first opened, and even went to a preview of the park before it opened!  They even lost my brother in the park when he was 5!  He walked over to 20,000 leagues and they kept on going to It’s a Small World and didn’t realize he was gone until they were off the ride doing a headcount…luckily Disney was equipped for this type of scenerio, he wasn’t the first lost child!  They found him and he was happy but he’s never let them forget it!

One of my fondest memories was going to the Magic Kingdom, getting my Mickey ears, riding the monorail and watching the parades.  I remember staying at the Polynesian Resort and going to the Luau…I was mesmerized by the dancers!  As I got older, I remember going to the parks with my sister and brother’s kids (I am closer in age to my nieces than my siblings) and it was so much fun to go with them.  We went one year when I was in high school to New Year’s Eve at the Magic Kingdom…it was awesome!  Talk about a New Year’s Eve party, the fireworks were spectacular and there were a ton of people in the park.  The little ones thought that was really cool as well and what a place to enjoy the New Year with your kids, very family friendly! Now you can even find bluray movie deals for Disney films!

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