Gearing up for our trip to Disney


The Fall is coming and so is one of our annual trips to Disney World!  We have gone every year for my daughter’s birthday.  This year she will turn 4 and as a special treat we will be going to Cinderella’s Royal Table.  But before all that happens, I must prepare!  I try to buy all our t-shirts and some special souvenirs before we leave at the Disney store so when the moment is right I just pull it out and I have happy park goers!  Especially when we are waiting in line, it gives the kids something to focus on other than pulling on chains and whacking people in the leg.  And I don’t have to wait in line in the stores or be tempted to spend more than my budget when the kids see all that the wonderful shops have to offer.

We stay in the Orlando area for a week at our timeshare and visit all of the Disney parks.   We have all the comforts of home in our condo so we can make breakfast before we head to the parks and then on the nights we don’t close the park down we can make a nice dinner.  We are Florida residents so we have annual passes and can come and go park hopping all week.

I found a double jogging stroller for a great deal for our trip, it has a huge basket underneath, a great sunshade and its big enough that my 4-year-old fits in it nicely.  I like the kids to be contained in a stroller when we are going from ride to ride so I don’t have to worry about them getting lost in the crowd.  It also helps save a nice spot for us at the parades and they can sit comfortably in their cushy stroller and not on the hard ground.

We will be in the park for Halloween this year so we will need our costumes and bags for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween!  I can’t wait this is a first for us, I am sure we won’t be disappointed a bit!  My husband always laughs at the amount of stuff I pack for our trip but I like to be prepared it eases the stress once we are there and it helps our budget.  I do literally pack everything but the kitchen sink!


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