I Let My #DisneySide Show When I Party

I think I was born with a pair of Mickey Mouse ears attached to my head! I have been a huge fan of Disney since I can remember, and that is a long time! My mom was also a big fan, especially of Mickey Mouse and Goofy. One of the first movies I saw at the theaters was The Jungle Book and remains one of my favorites. My oldest daughter has been fascinated with The Little Mermaid since she was 2 years old and at 26, she still loves the movie!

We are Goofy

My younger kids have been luckiest of all because they have been able to enjoy The Disney Channel and Disney Junior. We have a collection of DVD’s of Disney movies and shows which are bursting the seams of our cabinet! I went on my honeymoon to Walt Disney World and the only 2 vacations I have had since were both to Disney World. I took my mom once and my oldest daughter the second time. It is my dream to take my youngest kids there when our budget allows it!

We are Goofy

I was recently invited by the wonderful folks over at BSM Media to participate in showing my #DisneySide by throwing a Disney Side @ Home Celebration. I received an awesome American Tourister carry on bag and it was filled with a ton of supplies to make my #DisneySide party the most it could be. I received decorations, game ideas, plenty of photo paper so the kids could take pictures home and kitchen gadgets to make our #DisneySide treats. I was so excited because I could not wait to let my #DisneySide shine through when I hosted this party.

We Party With Our #DisneySide Showing

Celebration: We Party With Our #DisneySide Showing

With the Craisin boxes we received, I made Lemon Craisin Poppy Muffins, which were a big hit.

Cranraisin Lemon Poppy Muffins

I also make Funfetti #DisneySide cookies which were gobbled up so fast, I did not even get to taste them! The kids had a lot of fun decorating their cookies with some sprinkles and candies I already had in the pantry. With the snow at 6″, we were not able to have the “frosting station” we had planned. The kids enjoyed being in the kitchen and did not even miss the frosting!

Cookie Decorating Station

To say we had a fantastic time would certainly be an understatement! Because we had our party during the Snowpocalypse of 2014, we had less than the number we invited. With only 6 kids and 4 adults, we decided to make it a #DisneySide sleepover and we made our party last for 3 days! Two of the kids in the group are special needs and they had a great time with participating in the activities. I promised I would show off their artwork on their tee shirts as they were so proud of them!

Henry's Shirt

After we made our tee shirts and showed them off, the kids and I played #DisneySide Bingo. I was the caller of the picture and the kids matched that to their Bingo sheets. I was very appreciative of the game using pictures because it made it easier for some of the kids to play along.

playing #disneyside bingo

We also played a fun game which was suggested in our party pack. We took a picture of several Disney characters and I taped them to the kids backs. We played a charades type game where the kids had to guess who was on their back by the clues we gave. It was really funny and the kids got so tickled, we had tears streaming down our faces we laughed so hard!

Guess The Character Game

We had such a fun weekend with our #DisneySide showing that snow we could have fun in spite of it! Thank you so much BSM Media for making a group of kids and their parents have a bright light at the end of the snow tunnel! We look forward to more fun Disney events to come!


  1. Looks like a fun, snowed-in party! Hope spring comes soon!! 🙂

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