Daddy Time Mothers Day Craft For Kids

“We Love You Mommy”

Sometimes I drive myself crazy thinking of crafts to do with my boys, but 9 times out of 10 the craft that gets the most love is the one made from the heart. No matter the size, cost, or time put into the crafted gift, if it comes from the heart, it’s priceless. Well, Mother’s Day is right around the bend, and what better day to create a “from the heart” craft is there?

Painted Fingers

I always play and active roll in the craft creations with my boys. Not just as the overseeing adult, but as an active participant as well. I’m basically a huge 5 year old with responsibility. I’m telling you this because this Mother’s Day craft revolves around finger paint, and we (I) love finger paint!

Finger Paints

For this Mother’s Day craft we went with wall art. The boys and I went to our local Toy’s Я Us store for some materials we would need. We didn’t need much for this craft, but the finger paints were getting low and a good quality paper was needed. Like most of our crafting projects, the mini-adventures we go on when getting supplies is just as fun. Once we found what we were looking for we headed home. And yes, Dairy Queen is on our way home.

Mothers Day Craft For Kids

Here is what you will need for this craft:

  • Finger Paint
  • Paper (12″x18″ Glossy White/Heavy Weight/Non-absorbent)
  • Matting
  • Frame

We set up an area with our finger paints and paper. I set us up over the tile floor and laid an old sheet we had down over the tile. Chaos when crafting can be fun, but controlled chaos can be even funner. For the first hour the boys tried to find their groove with practice pieces of paper. Once they had their fill of random color schemes and wayward paint smears, I was ready to have them work on mommies craft. I took their fingers and dipped them in the finger paints. Then, I held their hands and helped them write “WE ❤ U MOMMY” in big blue lettering with the heart outlined in red. For some added love I took the boys shoes and socks off and dipped their feet in the paint. I had them place each foot on the paper and stamp it. After it dried we matted it and placed it in the frame. That’s it!

Mommy We Love You

There isn’t much to this craft, but the thought and meaning is more then enough. I’m positive that mommy will cry tears of love and happiness when she receives this gift from her boys. I have no doubt that by Mother’s Day night, she will have the gift hanging in a highly visible  location for all to see. Happy Mother’s Day!


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