Homemade Toilet Target Daddy Craft

“HONEYYYY!! Did you leave pee on the seat!”

Toilet Target Crafts

In the “wee” hours of the night you can hear blood curdling screeches from my beautiful wife and amazing mother. With two young boys in full potty training mode things can get messy. My youngest son is still trying to figure out how the whole potty deal works, but my oldest son has it down. The issue now is AIM.

Boys Doing Daddy Craft

For a brief instant I though I had an original idea, then I decided to check the internet out and see if indeed my idea was original. Nope, not original. Thank you internet. My solution to the aiming epidemic is pretty simple. I would toss a few Cheerios into the toilet and have my son aim at them. Not only did this create a micturiting marksman, but it turned into a game that prompted frequent potty use without having to ask if he needed to go. Who would have guessed how simple yet effective this would be.

Homemade Toilet Target Daddy Craft

I found that for $5.99 ( 30 count) you can buy “Toilet Targets” from a number of on-line stores. Seems a little pricey for something you through in the bowl. I also found that we end up with stale cereal all the time. My boys like a variety of cereals, so inevitably we end up with a couple of hand fulls of cereal that gets tossed. This got me to thinking. Time for a daddy craft with the boys.

Daddy Craft Decorating


I set the kids up with some stale cereal, a used bean can (washed out), markers, construction paper, and some fun pipe cleaners. We sat at the table and colored all the cereal pieces with our markers. Mason (2) eat more then he colored, but he did manage to get a few masterpieces finished. After all the cereal was colored we started on decorating the can that would hold our homemade toilet targets. Once everything was done we gave them a test drive. They work perfectly! My boys had a blast with this project, and I’m sure yours will too.

Finished Daddy Craft




  1. That is so friggin funny. Especially the shot of the toilet at the end. This is what I love about men, they are from MARS

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