DIY Projects For Kids At Home Depot

“Daddy can we go to Home Depot with you?”

Home Depot Trip

DIY Projects For Kids

I’m not sure at which stage in the womb it happens, but for men (and soon to be men), the Home Depot DNA strand is embedded. I seldom get to my (Disney World) Home Depot without Thing 1 and Thing 2 tagging along. I don’t mind at all. They help me reminisce of the days gone by when I would get excited walking down the nuts and bolts isle. Now, I’m head down and focused. It’s learned over the years as kind of a “self preservation” tactic. In the early years I would go in looking for a 1/4″ driver, and end up walking out with a 9-piece Husky Socket Set, the 30% off Ultra Man kit Dremel tool with quick release, and more than likely some random Rescue light with whistle, strategically placed at eye level at the check-out counter. Like a drug addict driving a little to close to the wrong end of town, I still find myself with the sweaty palms and nervous twitch when I go, but a couple good deep breaths and I’m back to center.

Race Car Cart

There are a few DIY tasks that I’ve been putting off around the house that I need to get to now. My wife STRONGLY agrees. It’s funny how my idea of getting something done in a timely manner and my wife’s idea of getting something done in a timely manner are so completely different. Anyway, that’s probably a topic for another post. Maybe even another Blog altogether. Something like “Men are from Home Depot, Women are from Bed Bath and Beyond.” Let me get back to the DIY daddy chores and the need for a Home Depot run. As soon as I put on the ball cap and grab the keys my 2 boys are at my side ready to go.

Home Depot with the Boys

When we get to Home Depot the first words out of my boy’s mouth are “can we drive the race care daddy?” For those of you who don’t know, Home Depot has carts with little steering wheels and race care side panels on them. Those marketers sure are savvy. So, I get them strapped in and away we go. After taking the long way around the store, we find what we need and check out. Amazingly, the only items in the cart are the items we actually needed. This is big berries! Now I’m ready to attack the projects. Tomorrow.

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