Easily Update A Bathroom With A New Faucet From Danze

Pre - danze faucet installation

This is our old faucet. It came with the house and is very cheap and dated. Nothing special, nothing to remember. Slowly bit by bit my husband and I have begun to improve our house, but we have to do it piece by piece because it is really expensive as many home owners know. A good place to begin in your bathroom is your faucet. It can be updated even if you have a rental space because you can bring the faucet with you and it is not a permanent fixture.

danze lavatory faucet

Installation was fairly easy after the sixth trip to the hardware store. That was not because of the faucet, but because of the installer! We did learn, however, that if you have a single hole faucet, you have to purchase a center set plate which is about $14. We choose to install the Parma Two-handle in brushed nickle. The Parma has a very modern look, and we loved the fact that is had actual handles that turn. This means that the kids can turn the water all the way off instead of having to find that “sweet spot” with the rotating handle. Another great feature for kids is the brushed nickle meaning grubby unwashed hands won’t leave grubby fingerprints.

Danze Parma Two Handle

Danze is a great company with a great idea. They believe that a faucet should be top quality, beautifully designed, and detail oriented. Their products sing beauty and are guaranteed to be drip free. I love the new look in my bathroom and cannot wait to redo the wallpaper soon! Danze is for anyone looking for people looking to be inspired, using a design to delight all your senses. You can purchase Parma Two-handled bathroom faucets through the Danze Website and you can find them on Twitter and Facebook.


There’s design for design’s sake. Then there’s Danze. It’s art that’s designed to be used. And used. And used. No wonder more and more people are putting Danze on exhibit in their homes.

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