Five Reasons I Love Chuck E. Cheese For Birthday Parties

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When my sister and I were little, my mom always made a big deal about our birthdays. We are less than a year apart, with both of our birthdays in December. Because we were too young to complain, she always combined our birthday parties! She would invite the whole neighborhood and we would have anywhere from 20-40 kids and parents there to celebrate. We would be opening presents and eating ice cream and cake until the cows came home! Now that I have my own kids, I like to whoop it up on their birthday as well. I try to mix it up and find a different theme or venue each year, but Henry has his heart set on just one place: Chuck E. Cheese! I honestly do not mind because there is so much to love about Chuck E. Cheese!

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5 Reasons To Love Chuck E. Cheese

  1. Family Friendly: If Chuck E. Cheese is one thing, it is all about the family. This is one place I can feel confidant my kids will have a fun experience which is safe and appropriate for them.
  2. Affordable: I have hosted a lot of parties and they can run into the hundreds of dollars. By the time you rent a venue, buy the food, decorations and other necessities, the costs can run up quickly. With Chuck E. Cheese, they have several party packages to fit into just about any budget.
  3. Great Staff: This is a venue where the entire staff is kid oriented and treats them with respect. I love taking my kids somewhere they are treated like equals!
  4. Plenty To Do: If there is one thing you will come away with when you visit Chuck E. Cheese, it is how much fun you will have. Between the character show, Chuck E. himself meeting the kids and all the games and the play area, there is a ton to keep the kids busy.
  5. Memories: Ah, the amazing memories we always take away when we have visited Chuck E. Cheese! We have so many fun memories, pictures and of course, prizes from all the tickets we turned in.

For Henry’s 13th birthday, we invited our great friends, the Hart’s to celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese. Although the kids are older, we still enjoy going to Chuck E. Cheese. Heck, the grown ups have as much fun playing the games as the kids do! Of course the very first thing the kids want to do is get their tokens and play games. With the birthday packages and online coupons, we were able to give all 4 kids a ton of tokens to keep them busy for almost 2 hours. Little did they know we were skimming tokens off the top so we could play as well!

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Once we played for a while, it was time to hang out with Chuck E. Cheese himself! Henry gets a huge kick out of the attention from the mouse and the rest of the staff. We had such a great group working with us! They were friendly, efficient and extremely patient with us! Henry has special needs, and he has to have things just so or the entire day can go up in flames. We explained this to our server and she nailed everything we asked for! We had great tasting pizza and sodas, and Henry got his special birthday crown and guitar to take home. He felt like a king for the entire day!


After playing just about all of the games and choosing their loot at the counter, we were ready to head home. We are always sad to leave but know we will be back again the following year! As you can see, Henry had a very full day and I am sure he dreamed of all the fun while he slept that night!


For your child’s next party, just visit the Chuck E. Cheese website and reserve your party at the location nearest you. While you are online, there are apps you can download, games for the kids and extra tokens to be had! Stay current with Chuck E. Cheese and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


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