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Moving Your Aging Parents

Information for this post is sourced from Genworth Financial and all opinions are mine. A few years ago my 78 year old mother decided to follow my older and younger sister to Florida. Mom has never been to Florida and why she decided to move there without even visiting first was beyond me. After about a month, she realized she had gotten herself into a pickle and felt she was really stuck. My sisters are both very independent and left mom to “enjoy” her retirement pretty much on her own. Before long, she was missing me and the grand kids and wanted to move back to Tennessee. Unbeknownst to me, mom was actually getting quite ill while she was down in Florida and her health was failing. She was diagnosed with chronic COPD and Emphysema and was put on oxygen. She also had some issues with her digestion and was unable to keep a lot of food down and had gotten down to below 80 pounds. I was so scared to have mom so far away and in such ill health and I could not do anything to help her.  I decided that I was going to take the necessary steps to get mom moved back up to be near me so we could help take care of her. If you are wondering if you should be moving your aging parents closer to you, here is some helpful information provided by Genworth Financial.

Moving Your Aging Parents Closer To You

It can be a very difficult and sensitive subject to bring up to your aging parents when it concerns their living arrangements. No child wants to admit their parents are getting older and are not in the same mental or physical condition they used to be. As the parent, you do not want to give up your independence and depends on your children to take care of you. In a very helpful article written by MP Dunleavey for the e-newsletter, Next Avenue from PBS, “When and How to Coax Your Parents to Move Closer”, the subject is explored. Dunleavey talks of how she and her brother dealt with their father and his living situation in Arizona. They talked about if their dad could live alone and what happened after their dad had an illness and was put in the hospital. She speaks openly of their fears and issues they faced during this time and it was a very eye opening article about moving your aging parents closer to you. Did you know that between 7 and 10 million caregivers live at least an hour away from their loved one? This can be very scary, as I learned, if there is a serious illness because the distance could quite literally be the difference between life and death. If you live far away from your parents and the are not quite ready to move closer to you, help them build a network of people to help care for them. This is an easy solution that can make you all feel better about the distance between you. The other factor to consider is the expense of caring for a parent who lives farther away from you. The average cost of taking care of a parent long distance is nearly $10,000, which is an amount many of us cannot afford. With the experts from Genworth Financial, the can help you take the steps necessary to see if moving your parents closer is a good idea. They can help you do a cost analysis of keeping your parents where they are and taking care of them from a distance. They can also help you calculate what it would cost to have your parents living closer to you or with you. This will help you see clearly which the best financial decision for you and your parents would be so you can all make an informed decision on the next move. Genworth Financial can also can help you with your long term care, financial panning and life insurance needs as well.


  1. I moved my Mom to London to be closer to me and for better medical care back when it became urgent about two years ago. It was truly one of the best things we ever did. My kids got more time with their grandmother and my Mom found friendship of a great widowed older man in the retirement home two blocks away from us. The conversation is worth it especially when it is in the greater good of the extended family. It was hard at times and I wrote about it a lot but we were very blessed to have her this close to us.

  2. Kathleen McGuire says:

    I have been wondering if I should move my parents closer to me. This article has good information to consider.

  3. My parents are 84 and 76, and praise God, they are still healthy. We live very close to each to other. “If you live far away from your parents and the are not quite ready to move closer to you, help them build a network of people to help care for them.” This is a practical piece of advice.

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