How To Treat Your Allergies Proactively With #MyAllerGenius

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My husband and my kids have terrible allergies. I have not had issues with them until the past few years, and now the pollen gets my eyes watering and my nose running. My husband has the worst time of it but my son comes in a close second. It seems that before you can really get prepared for the allergy and hay fever season to come, it is already upon you in full force. My family loves to be outdoors, especially when the spring thaws out the winter cold and brings the gorgeous weather in. Unfortunately, it also brings in pollen by the boatload and I think a large portion of it gets dumped on our house, yard, car and heads. My husband loves to have the windows and sun roof open on the car and even though the pollen gets to him, he hates to close the car up. How great would it be if you could get notice of what the pollen levels are going to be before it shows up on your doorstep? Well, with#MyAllerGenius, part of a pollen alert program with CVS and Allegra, can do just that.

How To Treat Your Allergies Proactively

How To Treat Your Allergies Proactively

When I learned of the opportunity to get pollen level alerts via my phone or computer, I thought it was, well, genius! I love that I can actually plan our day or weekend based on the pollen levels that are in my area and what plants and trees the highest levels are coming from.

I am just tickled that Allegra and CVS have given people who suffer from allergies and hay fever an avenue for how to treat your allergies proactively. Signing up is very easy to do by going to the website, creating your account and choosing how you want your pollen alerts.

Sign Up


Once you sign up, you will receive a coupon you can print to save on Allegra at CVS. When using your CVS Rewards card, the exclusive sale price at CVS is $6 off the 45 count and $9.99 for the Children’s tablet or liquid. The coupon will give you additional savings of $4 off the 30 count or larger and $2 off the children’s and smaller sizes of Allegra.




For my family, Allegra is the only medication we will use and that we trust. I feel confidant giving Allegra to my husband because it is effective, affordable and is non-drowsy, so he can enjoy his day without feeling sleepy. For the kids, I can trust Children’s Allegra to do the job without worrying about any negative side effects.


Allegra Cards


My husband is not crazy about taking pills, so he loves that he can take just one pill that will last for an entire 24 hour period. We love shopping at CVS and with a brand new store nearby, my husband and I were more than happy to use our coupon and check it out. The store is absolutely beautiful, the parking lot was spic and span clean, the inside was fresh, bight and really nicely laid out.




The aisles are marked clearly, so us old folks can see them quite easily! Because we did not have the kids with us, we enjoyed browsing through the store for a bit. We found the Allegra easily and we took the card to the Pharmacy to be rung up.  We were taken care of quickly, I used my CVS Rewards card (of course) and we were on our way home to get Chris his medicine taken.




Once we got home Chris was happy to get his Allegra taken so he could get back to what he enjoys.




He and Henry love that the pills are small enough to swallow easily, which is important as they both have gag reflex issues with pills. With Allegra, they do not have that issue.


small pill

Within the first does Chris was already feeling better and within the next 48 hours, he was mowing the lawn, which takes about 1.5 hours, with no problem whatsoever. Now he can play gold, play ball with the kids or go to the park and walk on the track without bringing a mask to protect him from the pollen. Henry was taking his Allegra about 3 weeks beforehand, so he has been out jumping on the trampoline, riding his bike and playing hide and seek with the little ones next door, with not one issue with his allergies at all. I honestly do not know what we would do without our Allegra and with the new #MyAllerGenius, we can live life as it should be; fully and gladly.

Head over to  www.myallergenius.com and sign up for your alerts and print your coupon. Do not let allergies dictate your life! You should live your life without restrictions that you can easily control. You are also invited to a Twitter Party May 14th from 1:00 to 2:00 PM EST by RSVP’ing here:  http://cbi.as/e8or5.


  1. I am a planner too, and I always love to have information ahead of time! Totally agree that the pollen alerts make life WAY easier!

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