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We are a family that lives on one income most of the time. There are months we are more like a 2 income family and some months that it is on the one income end. We have not always had insurance coverage and with kids, that is pretty scary. I have a nursing degree, so there are plenty of things I can figure out on my own and then I send my husband up to Walgreens. We have a beautiful Walgreens about a mile from our home and we are then at least 3 times a week. Walgreens is the only place we trust with our prescriptions, OTC medications and advice from our pharmacists. We have four pharmacists at our Walgreens: Jay, Nathan, William and Sandra. Between them they have an average of 15.25 years with Walgreens and we value and trust their advice, which we seek often. When Walgreens decided to put clinics in their stores, it was a big relief for a lot of families like mine. With the Walgreens Healthcare Clinics, you can get quality healthcare options for you and your entire family.

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These were quality healthcare options we could turn to when we could not afford to see a doctor for lack of insurance. This is a great alternative if you do have insurance because they accept a ton of major medical insurance. Because the  offers evening and weekend hours, if you work during the day, you do not need to take time off from work to be seen by a qualified doctor. If you are busy like we are, you can online and see how long the wait is so you can plan your time around your visit. I decided to pay them a visit and see if they could give me some guidance as well as insight as to what they felt may be the problem.

Quality Healthcare Options


Quality Healthcare Options

Because I am in business for myself and my husband only works part time, he and I do not have access to insurance. As luck would have it, I injured my shoulder last winter and it still bugging me. I had been to a doctor that told me he felt it was tendonitis and gave me a steroid shot. This worked for about 4 months and then the pain and immobility came back worse than it was before. With the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic in Knoxville, TN, I could get quality healthcare options even without a primary care doctor or insurance. I decided to see the doctor or Nurse Practitioner on duty and see what they suggested I do. Our Walgreens Healthcare Clinic is directly opposite from our pharmacy, which is completely brilliant!

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There are large signs you can see the moment you walk into the store, so you do not need to stop and ask for directions. The area is incredibly clean, organized and staffed with friendly personnel. If you have an appointment, you can go right up to the counter, give them your name and then you can sit in the comfortable waiting area. If you do not have an appointment, or there is a line to sign in, you can go to one of the 2 kiosks located on either side of the front desk and sign in or book your appointment.


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We went close to closing time, so there were no other people waiting so we were able to go right in. It was much faster, quieter, closer and way less expensive than a visit to the local emergency room, that is for sure! Dr. Sawyer said with my family history of arthritis, he felt I could have Osteoarthritis in my shoulder and that I should see an Orthopedic Specialist. He was able to suggest wearing a sling to keep me from moving it and doing any further damage. I was able to get medication and a sling from the pharmacy, which I also love because I did not need to see a doctor one place and get the medications from another.

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If you have school age kids and do not have a primary care doctor or you do not have insurance, you can get back to school physicals for only $39! I was super surprised at the affordability and after meeting Dr. Sawyer, I was even more impressed. Where can you get to see a qualified healthcare professional in a healthcare setting and pay less than $50? Hardly anywhere I would suspect.

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If you need to see a doctor and do not have the time, money or patience to see a doctor or the ER, the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic is perfect for you! Remember you can visit them online for appointments, services offered, pricing, wait times and more. You can also visit them on Facebook as well as Twitter. Please check out my Google+ album showing my adventure when I visited my Walgreens #HealthcareClinic


  1. I’m so glad that you got some information by visiting your local Walgreens healthcare clinic! Not having insurance is ROUGH. I’ve been there and everywhere in between. I’m glad you found a place to go that is affordable!

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