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I have been with my phone service company for almost 13 years. My husband came home on Mother’s Day with a cell phone as my gift. What a surprise! I had wanted a cell phone for years and could not believe I finally had one of my own. After a few months and the novelty wore off, I started paying attention the bill. It seemed we were paying for every little fee, taxes, overages, underages, and whatever else they could think of charging us for. Our bill was over $150 and that was just for my husband and I.

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I was ignorant about cell phone plans and figured it was typical and never investigated it further. Over the years, we have upgraded and changed phones a few times and have added services here and there. Our recent bills over the past year have been almost $200. When my daughter started high school, my husband and I decided we needed to get her a cell phone. We went the to cell provider store and got a phone and added an extra line. Now our bill is over $200 and with my husband only working part time hours right now, we cannot afford that. With the no contract cell phone unlimited plans with Walmart Family Mobile, I can get my budget back in line because #FamilyMobileSaves.

#shop Save On Your Cell PhoneSave On Your Cell Phone

Save On Your Cell Phone

The Walmart Family Mobile no contract phones and phone plans are such a cost effective alternative to contract plans. You can choose from their unlimited plans for talk, text and data, mobile phones and accessories, all of which are available at Walmart where #FamilyMobileSaves. There is a huge selection of cell phones, prepaid minutes and data cards in a variety of amounts. You an also find all cell the phone accessories you will need, like headphones, speakers, clips, charging stations, phone protectors and much more. You can also get your Family Mobile WebPak refill card, Android accessories, or the HTC Wildfire S Prepaid cell phone. You can find money-saving shipping offers and free store pickup for many products when you shop at Walmart.com. You and also have your items shipped straight to your home if that makes your life easier. You can find a phone or accessory for everyone in your family. For your teenager, you may want to choose the basic choices, while you may want the latest Android-powered Smartphone. #shop Henry and Concord

I chose the Concord cell phone from T-Mobile and a $25 Starter Kit card, which I decided to activate online. Once I got home, I just opened up the phone and then the Starter Kit card package. The instructions were very easy to follow, which were a series of prompts on the phone to get the card activated. When I went to My Family Mobile online, I was able to chose the plan I wanted, and set up the payment option that worked best for me. I choose the unlimited text, talk and data plan for the phone, which will cost us $34.9 per month and I think that is a really cheap wireless plan. Since we are always online when we use our phones and text constantly, this plan made the most sense to me. The phone has tons of apps already in the phone, including games for Henry to play. Can you tell how excited he was to be able to play with the phone until we handed it over to his sister? Trust me when I tell you, he was not smiling when we gave the phone to Caitlin! I love our new phone and more than anything, I love saving almost $150 a month on our cell phone plan. When we move our other phones over to the plan, we are still saving close to $75 a month, which is nothing to sneeze at! Be sure to check out the article on the Walmart Family Mobile  featured in the Live SoFab Digital Magazine from #Cbias! This publication has great information including back to school ideas, recipes and tons more.


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