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My husband came home on Mother’s Day 15 years ago and handed me my first cell phone. From the moment I first used it, I wondered how I ever functioned without it! He went with one of the major phone companies for our service and we have been with them ever since. I admit it, I am a geek, and it was so funny the first time I was at the mall and had to call my husband to ask him a question. I started to look for a payphone before I realized I had a cell phone and could just call him! Now that we have added texting and data to our plan, we are able to do as much with our phones as we are with our computer. As much as I love my cell phone, I hate the amount of money we are spending every month. For myself, my husband and my daughter to have a phone with unlimited calling, texting and data, we are paying almost $200 a month. For a family of 4 that is on only one income, that is a heckuva lot of money. With the Walmart Family Mobile and their no contract cheap wireless plan, my #FamilyMobileSaves is what we need.

#shop Affordable Phone Plans

Affordable Phone Plans

I have been struggling with how to keep all of our phones and the perks and fit it into our budget. I need my phone for work and I cannot work without my data plan. With a lot of plans, you pay per minute after you use a set amount for data and that can add up. When my husband and I were trying out new plans and services with other companies a few years ago we tried one of these plans to save money. My bill the first month was almost $450, most of which was my data usage. I almost died! We reluctantly went back to our old company and plan because although we were paying almost $200 a month, at least we knew we were not going to go over any limits. With the Walmart Family Mobile plans from Walmart, you can get rid of your current company and start saving money immediately. If you are worried about not getting the same “quality” service you are getting with your current phone company, you will get great care with the MyFamilyMobile online service. You can manage your account online as well as get help from the knowledgeable customer service team if you need it as well.

#shop #FamilyMobileSaves - Kit and Phone

I went to the Walmart near the house and headed for the electronics department to see what they had to offer. They had an entire wall of phones, calling cards and starter kits. The starter kit is only $25 and this will get you your sim card and activation code to get your service started. This sure beats the $39 my company charged us to activate our service. You can choose from 2 different plans, both of which are no contract. You can choose the unlimited text and calling with limited data with the lowest priced rate plan for $29.88 or you can get the unlimited plans with all the text, calling and data you want for just $10 more at $39.88 per month. Why would you not add the data plan for just a few extra dollars? No more worrying about going over your limit, right? The phone are priced from $49 to just over $100, and the Concord I chose was Perfect for our budget at $79.99, which beats the more than $200 I just paid for Caitlin’s new phone a few months ago. My husband, myself and Caitlin can all enjoy the same unlimited plan we currently have with our phone company that we are spending almost $200 for half that amount. I cannot even begin to tell you how much my family can do with $100 every month. How about you? If you are looking for an affordable phone plan for yourself and or your family, the plans with Walmart Family Mobile are just perfect for you.


  1. I love that there is no contract, AND I would save a hundred dollars a month while switching! I could do so much with the money I save in a year!

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