Personalized Gifts For New Baby Are Sure To Be A Hit #NSXMAS

Personalized Gifts For New Baby Are Sure To Be A Hit #NSXMAS

I was a close to Christmas baby, so the holidays have always had a special meaning for me. It is like a double whammy party whirlwind every year and I love it! If you know someone who expecting this time of year, you want to choose the right gift. A lot of people make the mistake of choosing a holiday themed baby gift, which I personally do not agree with. Because my birthday is 10 days before Christmas, I know what it is like to get that “combination” birthday and Christmas gift and it stinks! You should make sure each of the two are separate so they have their unique and special meanings. The last thing you want to do is get the new parents a Santa Hat for the baby! That is a gift that will not get much mileage after the first time they wear it and the pictures are snapped. I love to give personalized gifts for new baby so they have a personal touch. One of my go to places to get that perfect gift would be Lewis Court, an Etsy shop owned and operated by the very talented Lindsay Sikora.

Decorate With Personalized Gifts For New Baby

I have loved Lindsay since I first worked with her one a special Christmas gift for my niece. She did such a great job and Sam absolutely loved her gorgeous name letters. When Lindsay was pregnant with her 4th baby in 2012, she had to make a difficult decision. She was a corporate tax consultant with a very ill child who needed to be taken out of day care to get well. Lindsay made the choice to become a full time stay at home mom to a full house and Lewis Court LLC became her passion. Now Lindsay takes her eye for style, color and pastern and turns that gift into great decor for homes. Lindsay specializes in letters for kid’s rooms, but she would love to help you create something for any room of your home, office, dorm or wherever you like!

I redecorated Henry’s room a few months ago to a camouflage theme at his request. His BFF Adam was very into the military and got Henry hooked on it as well. Now they play their soldier games on Xbox in Henry’s “bunker”. I have his comforter, drapes, minky blanket and other accessories in the camo theme. He asked me about a month ago if I could find his name in the same pattern. Low and behold, in walks Lindsay to save the day! As always, her work is spot on, the quality impeccable and I have one very happy little boy. Be sure to visit Lewis Court and if you order one set of letters, you will receive 15% the next set. Stay current with Lindsay and show her some love as she is new to the social media platform by following her on Facebook and Twitter.

One USA reader will win a $100 Lewis Court LLC Gift Card

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  1. Hoopersize looks fun!

  2. Nuts for Nutrition!

  3. I like the Move it Program.

  4. Rhonda Clemens says:

    Move it

  5. The Hoopersize is the one I am most interested in.

  6. Heather Baker says:

    Nuts for Nutrition looks cool.

  7. I love the lighted butterflies and flowers design! So neat!

  8. Carolann Leibenguth says:

    My friend just adopted a baby girl on Nov. 1 and I would get her little bundle of joy Pottery Barn Kids Maya Nursery – 10″ Wood Letters To Match Maya Bedding Set

  9. Pre-Teen or Teen (Bright Colors w/ Horses and Flowers) 6″ Personalized Childrens Wood Letters are adorable. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  10. Debbie Jackson says:

    personalized aviation theme.

  11. sally guenterberg says:

    like the pottery barn kids mallory

  12. My favorite theme is the Modern Owls

  13. Pottery Barn Kids Jungle Friends Nursery Letters

  14. jeanette sheets says:
  15. I like the Personalized Hand Painted Scalloped Wood Frame – Whimsical Scalloped Frame Offered in Several Colors, Styles and Sizes

  16. I like the Pottery Barn Circus Friends theme.

  17. Girl’s ButterflyThemed Children’s Letters – 8″ Personalized Children’s Wood Letters

  18. Darlene Owen says:

    My favorite is Carter’s Sunny Safari Nursery Color Scheme – Sample Wall Letter Design Palle

  19. jennifer padgett says:

    I like the Artic themed design.

  20. lissa crane says:

    I love the classic Peter Rabbit pattern!

  21. I like the butterfly pattern.

  22. Vanessa Richard says:

    the toy story one is my favorite among ones she has wish there was mickey mouse so my both my boys would love it as they share a room

  23. Lauren Becker says:

    I really love the Alice in Wonderland theme for the letters.

  24. I like the Woodland Animals (LITTLE BOY) – 10″ Personalized Childrens Wood Letters

  25. Wendy Pogrant says:

    Pottery Barn Kids Flying Friends Nursery

  26. Amanda Hoffman says:

    Pottery Barn Kids Jungle Friends Nursery Letters (LITTLE GIRL)- Personalized 10″ Children’s Wall Letters to Coordinate

  27. I like the Pottery Barn Kids Woodland Nursery – Owls Trees Flowers and Leaves, 16 inches. Obviously for a young one, but it’s my fave!

  28. Pottery Barn Kids Brooke Nursery – Owls Birds Trees and leaves

  29. Tara Liebing says:

    I like the Custom Big Kid wall letters and I like the lizzards and snakes on the letters my son would love it.

  30. I like the Pottery Barn Kids Mallory Nursery theme.

  31. Marisa Johnson says:

    I really love the Pottery Barn Kids Brooke Nursery – Owls Birds Trees and leaves.

  32. I like the safari letters that are described as being for a big kid.

  33. Pottery Barn Kids Ava Giraffe Nursery – 8″ Letter Design to Match Ava Mod Giraffe Bedding

  34. My favorite is forest animals.

  35. Misha Estrada says:

    I love the Alice In Wonderland theme.

  36. jodi goins says:

    the camo would look great in my 14 yr olds room,but i really like the owls they are so cute!

  37. Ellen Thompson says:

    I love the girl themed one with horses on it. My nieces love horses and I am sure that they would love them!

  38. Nicole Carter says:

    I like the Alice in Wonderland theme!

  39. md Kennedy says:

    My favorite, which would be perfect for my brand-new nephew, is Pottery Barn Kids Jungle Friends Nursery Letters

  40. i like the girls butterfly themed.

  41. Sarah Hayes says:

    i like the Pottery Barn Kids Mallory Nursery

  42. Diane Cooper says:

    I want the Boys 3D Camouflage Letters just like in the picture. My grandson’s name is Henry and he saw this and loved it!

  43. I like Restoration Hardware Bouclé Cloud Nursery – Sample Letter Design 8″ Custom Wood Letters to Match Bouclé Cloud Nursery Bedding

  44. Dena Happi Tree Nursery – Owls Trees Flowers and Leaves – 10″ Personalized Childrens Wood Letters

  45. I love the camo letters!

  46. Circo Love N Nature is my favorite

  47. I like the Dino Madras letters for my son.

  48. I love the Woodland Animals with Bright Pinks and Greens.

  49. Alice in Wonderland (Vintage) 8″ Personalized Childrens Wood Letters look amazing

  50. There are so many choices! I love the safari ones!

  51. I like the Jungle Zoo theme.

  52. Kelly Amos says:

    I like the Pottery Barn Kids Flying Friends Nursery in gray/black.

  53. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    Pottery Barn Kids Harper Gray Nursery Color Scheme

  54. pink and green floral elephants

  55. jodi frasier/lasher says:

    I like the custom big kids pattern. That would look awesome in my daughter’s room. Thanks

  56. Velvet Hubler says:

    I love the Amenity Meadow Nursery – 7″ Personalized Letters

  57. Heather Swarthout says:

    Quinn Nursery Themed is gorgeous!

  58. I like Lighted Custom Butterflies and Flowers Framed Name Sign

  59. I love the Pre-Teen or Teen (Turquoise White and Black w/ Horses Flowers and Guitars) 6″ Personalized Childrens Wood Letters. I also love how they match them to certain bedding sets so you can have a complete nursery!

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  60. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I like the Woodland ANimals Little Boy theme

  61. I like the Pottery Barn Kids Circus Friends

  62. Tracy Cohee says:

    For my grandson the Pottery Barn Kids Alligator Nursery

  63. I like the Pottery Barn Kids Hayley Nursery Themed Children’s Letters – 8″ Personalized Childrens Wood Letters

  64. I like the junior varsity themed letters.

  65. The woodland animals theme is to die for! But we don’t know the gender of our little one until Christmas Eve!

  66. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    My favorite is the ‘Land of Nod Bright Eyed Bushy Tailed’.

  67. My favorite is the Crab Madras.

  68. Daniela Tapia says:

    I Like the Princess Themed Children’s Letters !

  69. Angela Cash says:

    My favorite design from LewisCourt is the Carter’s Safari Sky Nursery – 8″ Wood Wall Letters Designed to Match Carter’s Safari Sky Nursery Set. I love the lime green/navy blue color combination.

  70. the skip hop giraffe safari looks adorable!

  71. Heather Poindexter says:

    I like the restoration hardware.

  72. Happi Shopr says:

    I like the Personalized Aviation Themed Letters – 8″ Custom Wood Letters to Match Any Vintage Airplane Childrens Room

  73. Terra Heck says:

    I like the 20″ Glitter Wall Letter For Child’s Bedroom or Nursery- Fleur De Lis Design. Thanks.

  74. nicole meadows says:

    Boys 3-D Camouflage is what I would get for my son.

  75. katherine says:

    I like the Pottery Barn Kids’ Quinn Nursery Themed Children’s Letters

  76. Megan Julia says:

    Anything camo for my son lol

  77. I like the Personalized Jungle Zoo Themed Wood Letters.

  78. Pottery Barn Kids Hayley Nursery Themed Children’s Letters – 8″ Personalized Childrens Wood Letters

  79. Pottery Barn Kids Jungle Friends Nursery Letters

  80. I like the Boy’s 3-D Camouflage letters.

  81. Megan Holland says:

    I like the Pottery Barn Mallory Nursery!

  82. I like the Safari Sky

  83. sherry fowler says:

    jungle zoo

  84. Michelle Tucker says:

    I like the Lighted Custom Butterflies and Flowers Framed Name Sign

  85. Kathy Robinson says:

    Lighted butterflies

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