Potty Chair Liners

potty linersI have a two year old little girl that is in the process of potty training. When I was presented the opportunity to review this product I thought that this could be the answer to all my cleaning a nasty potty problem. With Tidy Tots disposable potty chair liners it was a relief! All you have to do it put a bag that is similar to a trash bag around your child’s potty seat, then put in a super-absorbent pad right inside the bag. The super-absorbent pad can be used for 2-3 uses. This is made out of the same stuff that are in diapers! Then when you are finished, all you have to do is grab the bag by the little pull strings and tie it like you would a garbage bag and toss in the trash! I enjoyed this product for the simple fact it took the nasty out of cleaning a potty! With no time at all I had the liner in and ready for its first use! My daughter didn’t know what to think when she saw it for the first time. Once I told her what it does she was fine and did her business. I was happy that for once I didn’t have to immediately pour out her “good job” into the potty and then commence to sanitizing it for the next use. After she had went about 3 times in the potty I had to change out the liner and pad. I just pulled the strings and tied it and threw it away in the trash! No mess in me or in the toilet! The only problem I had out of it is since I am a busy mother, sometimes it’s a little hard to go with her each time she has to potty, so she would use the potty more then the 2-3 time limit. The potty liner would be a little too full to just bag up and throw away. So, I had to actually dump some and then bag it up and throw it away. The Tidy Tots disposable  potty liners can go with you anywhere. I took the liners and her potty with me when we run errand’s and it was definitely a big help with the potty training. I don’t have to smell her left over “good jobs” in the back seat as we are going about our day! Tidy Tots is presenting this product for $8.99, and each carton comes with 16 super absorbent pads and 16 liners.

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