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Snack time with Toddlers Gyro Bowl

If you have children, I have found the perfect item for snack time with toddlers Gyro Bowl is your answer.  This colorful snack bowl holds a generous amount of your favorite snack.  This is the most unique snack bowl I have seen, the inner bowl has a 360 degree turning radius designed to not spill the snack.  Toddlers and snacks = spills and snacks ground into the carpet!  The Gyro Bowl has this covered, you can turn it upside down and swing it around with no worry of snack spillage. The built in carry handles are perfect for little chubby fingers. This has made my life a lot less messy.  I have two kids ages 4 and 1.  The 4 year old is good with her snack but the 1 year old is just learning and doesn’t understand that she needs to keep her bowl straight to keep the snacks in…I sometimes wonder if she likes them better off the floor!  Since she started using the Gyro bowl she manages to eat all her snack from the bowl and not the floor (assuming she holds it by the handle and doesn’t touch the inner bowl).  In a traditional bowl, as she walked I could see them just leaving a trail behind her as she toddled around now all I see is the Gyro bowl swinging in her hand her snacks safely nestled inside.

BPA Free Product

The Gyro Bowl is dishwasher safe (top rack), is a BPA free product and can be used for non-food items as well.  This bowl is NOT microwavable.  The Gyro bowl also comes with a cover so if your little one doesn’t finish the snack or you want to pack a snack to go the cover will keep it fresh.   The Gyro bowl has held up very well to many drops on the floor and trips through the dishwasher.  You can purchase two for $14.99.
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