The Pregnancy Guide – Everything You Wanted to Know

When I was pregnant with Megan, my oldest, I could not get too much information. I wanted to know what was happening not only monthly, but also weekly and daily!  I loved everything about being pregnant – it is such a miraculous event! Once Megan was born, then I wanted to know developmentally what would be occurring each month.  I wanted to know when she would smile, laugh and become more engaged.

The site, Everyday Family, is your Pregnancy Guide to everything you ever want to know about pregnancy – before and after! If you are in the preconception category, there is an ovulation calculator, a boosting your odds section, and a section if you are having trouble conceiving.  There they have questions and causes on fertility and a wonderful forum – it’s wonderful to have a support system of other people experiencing the same problems.  If you are pregnant (congratulations!), you will find information about your 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters broken down in a week-by-week guide!  There is also a gender predictor and a section on baby names to give you some awesome ideas!  Again, there is a forum section to connect you with other pregnant moms! Lastly, you will find sections on baby, toddler, and parents.  All sections are filled with a ton of information to offer you great support along the way of raising your children.

I love not only all the information provided on this site, but also the forums.  It so nice to be able to get the help of other moms and ways to handle different situations that you may not have thought of on your own. Having different systems in place to help guide you in this difficult but amazing ride can be such a benefit to you along the way.

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