For the Bug Lover HEXBUG Nano Review

Hexbug Nano

For the Bug Lover HEXBUG Nano

Is there a bug lover in your household?  I found the most unique product for the bug lover HEXBUG Nano, it is so lifelike you will think its a real bug and want to remove it from your home!  My daughter Isabella (4), loves nature which includes: bugs, snakes, lizards, butterflies and anything else creepy crawly.  When I was given the opportunity to review the HEXBUG Nano starter set I was overjoyed because I knew she would just love it.  I set up her track and let the HEXBUG Nano start crawling.  It was an instant hit and she played with it for hours.  When it got dark and I turned off the lights in the playroom to show her that the track glows in the dark, how cool is that?  When I asked her what she liked about this set she said “I like how the bugs flip themselves over when they get upside down.”  The HEXBUG Nano comes with a battery (which for the parents is wonderful) and an on/off switch on the belly. The starter set is perfect for the beginner and you can purchase additional habitats and pieces to add to your collection.  The starter set is $14.99  You can also purchase a wide variety of HEXBUG Nanos in assorted colors.  Her favorite color is purple so I am going to order that one for a stocking stuffer and also an additional habitat so all those bugs have room to roam.  They also carry inchworms, crabs, ants, spiders and larva.

Collectible Toys for Kids

I love to find collectible toys for kids, maybe one day when the kids are older these will be worth tons of money.  I will be honest, I am not a fan of bugs or anything that moves for that matter.  The HEXBUG Nano looks like the palmetto bugs we have here in Florida.  If you were to see one in the kitchen crawling around you would think it was real.  In fact, my husband and daughter thought it would be funny to put one on the counter while my Mom was cooking and she almost had a heart attack.  The joksters thought it was great and my Mom was less than pleased.  At any rate, Isabella throughly enjoys the HEXBUG Nano set and has spent countless hours playing with it.
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