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gumball machineI am a huge kid at heart and when I was asked to review Carousel’s Junior Gumball Machine and Bank, I wasn’t sure who would enjoy it more, myself or my grand daughters! This nostalgic bubblegum machine brings back memories of when I was a child: if I was ‘good’ when my parents took me out to dinner, I could always look forward to getting a dime for the candy machine! The classic style of this machine is absolutely adorable, the bright red and gun metal details brighten my mood every time I see it. I collect “retro” furniture and this pop of color is a welcome addition to my interior design style. Some of the features I like most are that it takes pennies, nickles dimes and quarters, so it makes a perfect piggy bank for my spare change!

The machine is made of durable metal and has a blown glass ball so I know it will last for years to come. I adore the smaller size of the Classic Gumball Machine Junior as I can move it from room to room if I need to. It comes with four pounds of yummy classic gumballs, but when those run out I can fill it with a different type of candy, like jelly beans or M & M’s. I can also set it up to dispense different amounts of candy so when I fill it with my favorite Jelly Belly candy i’ll get a hand full vs. just a piece. My grand daughters were thrilled when they spotted it and now I have a new reward system in my arsenal, if they put their toys away when I ask them to, they now get “monies” to purchase a treat! This Gumball Machine would make a great gift for both young and old, or just get it for yourself, who wouldn’t love this happy and colorful reminder of the good ole days! You can purchase the Classic Gumball Machine Bank gift set for 49.98. Review by Lori

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  2. Barbara Evans says:

    Thank you – so hope I win!

  3. Jennifer Jordan says:

    google name Jen Jordan

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  5. I love gumball machines and grew up with the gumball machines.

  6. Judy Hunting says:

    I had one of these years ago and my little brother broke it. I was soo mad at him!

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