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Preschool Games

You can never have too many preschool games, my 4 year old loves to play games and I also enjoy the one on one time it creates for us.  I was recently able to review a game from Educational Insights called Grandmas Trunk Alphabet Game.  I couldn’t wait until she came home from school to play it with her.  The game comes packaged in a small trunk with 2 sets of cards.  Alphabet cards (26) with a picture on one side and the same picture on the other side with the upper case and lower case letter on it.  The other set of cards are riddles, each on describing one of the letters.  She’s in preschool, so I knew she wouldn’t have a problem recognizing the letters and she breezed through the letters.  There are 5 games you can play with Grandma’s trunk and each of them is very fun and interactive.  What Comes Next?: Is a game where each player takes turns putting the cards in the trunk in alphabetical order.  This one was a little tricky for her, she knows her letters and can sing them but putting them in order was a challenging but fun activity.  Memory time: Is a memory game where you need to repeat the order of the cards in the trunk and then add your own.  This was pretty challenging for me as well, you really need to pay attention.  Grandma’s Riddles: You deal the alphabet cards out and then read one of the riddle cards.  The you try to find the card that answers the riddle.  Letter Sequence Memory: Deal the cards out and each player takes turns placing them into the trunk in alphabetical order repeating all the previous cards. This was a great game because it really is helping my daughter to figure out the sequence of the alphabet. Grandma’s Adventures: Is a game where your make up stories with the cards, you place them into the trunk and each player takes their turn picking one to create a story.  This is super fun and the story ends up being pretty funny.

Riddles For Preschool Kids

My daughter’s favorite game was Grandma’s Riddles, I never realized how fun riddles for preschool kids could be!  We put a little twist on this game and the first time I just read the riddles and didn’t show her the alphabet cards.  I wanted to see if she would get the concept.  I must say I was blown away that she knew almost all of them.  I think I had to help her with about 4-5 which I thought was pretty impressive.  Grandma’s Trunk has become a household favorite and we have even started bringing my younger daughter in on the fun.  We show her the alphabet cards (without the letters) and repeat the name.  So far she can recognize and say apple, egg and cake.  The quality of the game was great, the trunk is a heavy duty cardboard its not flimsy at all.  The cards are stiff and coated for wear but they are NOT waterproof (my little one wanted to eat her cake).  You can purchase this game for $14.99.  It’s for ages Kindergarten and up.

Educational Toys And Games

Educational Insights has a huge variety of educational toys and games for children of all ages including: Quiz Phone, Consonants Phonics Puzzles and Magnetic AlphaBoard.  I was very impressed with the selection of educational toys and games Educational Insights has to offer, I play an active role in my children’s education with homeschooling and it’s fantastic to have such a great resource to help with our everyday learning.  Check them out on Facebook!

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  1. Marthalynn says:

    I like Kat, The Talking Teaching Kitty! Also, there wasn’t an extra info box, but I am subscribed to your emails as acluisi [at] hotmail [dot] com

  2. AlphaMagnets® and MathMagnets® Color-Coded Magnets

  3. Tracy Juliano says:

    Presto Change-O™ Game

  4. Trung Nguyen says:

    I like the Quick Start Classroom Countdown Clock

  5. gibberish (Julie G.) says:

    My favorite product is Hot Dots Jr. that you can download to your ipad.

  6. My favorite is the Design & Drill® Power Tool Workshop

  7. EMMA L HORTON says:

    Everyday Uses Rock & Card Set

  8. Kylie Gonzales says:

    Design & Drill® Power Tool Workshop looks cute and fun

  9. Jessica Eaton Ledford says:

    Geosafari Jr Talking Telescope

  10. susan hartman says:

    I like the GeoSafari Dino Digs

  11. Glenna Faccenetti says:

    The magic moves looks fun.

  12. I love the Design & Drill® Power Tool Workshop

  13. I love the motorized solar system!

  14. Ps – the Facebook-related entries on the form thing aren’t working – they send you into an endless login loop.

  15. Tracy Juliano says:


  16. Milton Reyes says:
  17. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    The 3-letter mystery game!
    looks fun

  18. The puppets on a stick look fun!

  19. Elizabeth Towns says:

    I like so many of the games, but Aftershock is the kind of game that improves dexterity while being fun at the same time. I like it!

  20. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I like the Magnetic Art

  21. I like the play money deluxe set!

  22. One of my favorite products is the Design & Drill® Activity Center!!

  23. Danielle Davis/Grady says:

    I love the Design & Drill® Power Tool Workshop!
    Thank you!

  24. Jessica Helen says:

    I love the design and drill power tool workshop. Think the game thats up for grabs looks fab.

  25. JR Pickett aka Vicki Vix says:

    My favourite product is the Hot Dots® Laugh it Up! Vocabulary Development Cards – Homophones

  26. Melissa P. says:

    Chime With Rhyme™

  27. classroom jeopardy

  28. Harold D says:

    i like the math flip charts, in fact I like all the flip chart products!

  29. Corey Olomon says:

    GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Microscope™

  30. Linda Kwolek says:

    The telescope would be a fun way to spend the late nights with kids this summer.
    GeoSafari® Omega Refractor Telescope

  31. angie pruden says:

    the eggspert!

  32. Thuy Vu says:

    I really like their Kat the talking pen with their Hot Dots Jr. App

  33. Donna K says:

    I would like the Foam Magnetic Fraction Circles

  34. Penelope Lowe Costanzo says:

    Igneous Rock Collection

  35. the 2 in 1 puzzles are pretty rockin

  36. Soundtooning

  37. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like the telescope

  38. Wendy Pogrant says:

    Hot Dots® Jr. Lite

  39. Hot Dots® Phonics Activity Cards, Reading Readiness is my favorite item


  40. Janette says:

    I like the GeoSafari® Talking Globe

  41. giveaway hound says:

    I like the Match it Up! puzzles.

  42. I think my kids would love the Smencils Colored Pencils.

  43. Dianna Thomas says:

    my favorite for my three is

    GeoSafari® Jr. BugWatch™

  44. Dianna Thomas says:

    the line asking which product you like wouldn’t let me fill in–sorry

  45. Chevy Roper says:

    I love the Math Slam! Would be perfect for my daughter!!

  46. wendy wallach says:

    i like Smart Talk

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  47. Nicholas Harris says:

    Puppet on a stick

  48. Andrea Amy says:

    Out of everything on their site, my absolute favourite favourite is the Sprout & Grow™ Greenhouse with Wonder Soil™

  49. jen wexler says:

    My favorite things is the design and drill tool workshop

  50. Christine says:

    I like the numbers count games.

  51. Paula Tavernie says:

    I like the Pots and Pans play set!

  52. Educational toys

  53. Another item I like is the Pots n pans!

  54. Foam Magnetic Fraction Circles

  55. Diane Baum says:

    I like the matching game

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