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If It Were Wednesday This Would Make A Good Post

Day #4 …Now the real weight loss begins & Wordless Wednesday

As suspected, I have finally evened out.  160.8.  I will use this # as my real weight loss starting number.  All that other weight must have been someone else’s I was borrowing.  This is when the diet get hard.  I hate hard.  It is like exercise! Yesterday, I ate my lime sherbet with strawberries, 1/2 Shakeology serving, chicken and veggies, […]

Day #3 Is My scale broken?

Day #3 I weigh 160.2!  That is a 3 day 5 pound loss, rounding down of course.  I tried the sweet Sensa last night.  It smells like Sweet-n-low.  You are supposed to put the sweet side on sweet stuff and salty side on stuff you would salt.  There is no taste, but it works with […]

#5 Feeling Lucky

Seriously…aren’t people supposed to post about their day at the end of it instead of the beginning? I am just so happy when I wake up I want to shout it to the world.  I am 158.8! What?!? I was 165 5 days ago….I am weighing naked, first thing in the am, after I pee […]

#6 Slowed Down

158.6 this am.  Back to normal.  I am hungry. Shakeology tastes yummy, and truly gets me through my cravings.  Sensa, I have no idea what it is doing or does for that matter.  Thermogenic pills–quite the energy booster…but not like caffeine.  No jitters or speedy feeling just not tired as I usually am. Sweet! Making chicken […]

Wordless Wednesday

I am joining wordless Wednesday, but I do not have GFC.  Wordpress.com does not support this feature.  I would love it if you would follow me on Twitter or Facebook from my blog roll on the right!  Thank you.  I will follow all who comment 🙂  Have a great Wednesday!!  Can you believe I did […]

You Too Can Get Paid To Blog

I decided to log my progress with my paid to blogging adventures on Makobi Scribe on Sason and Pobi.  Yesterday, I joined the several pay-to-blog sites as listed below. I had already been a member of Social Spark.  They are a well known company I had found through my paid-to-tweet company, Sponsored Tweets.  I had […]

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