Dog Tips And Facts With Images

“Mans best friend..” Tips Adapted from dogbreedinfo.com

I found these tips and facts online. I have not tried them all and cannot guarantee them successful. I hope they’re helpful.

Dog on Rugs

If you have a puppy that pees on your carpet. After soaking up most of the mess with paper towel, sprinkle a generous amount of bicarbontae of soda (baking soda) over the area and leave it to absorb both the traces of urine and the odor.

Puppy Play

To keep your dog busy, buy toys with little holes in them (such as a Kong), put both big and small pieces of kibble in the toy and give it to your dog.  This will keep him busy for quite awhile presuming he has a few small ones that he gets out quickly.  You can also wedge dog biscuits in the holes with a smear of peanut butter.

 Using metal water dishes outside in winter may be a risk, because your pet’s tongue could stick to the frozen metal. In the summer medal bowls can get very hot, and burn your dog.

Boston Dog

 Do not leave your dog unattended on a choke chain. The chain could get caught and strangle the dog.

Buddy Dogs

 Do not make your dog walk on extremely hot or cold asphalt, cement, etc… the pads of their paws are not made out of steel. If it is too hot for you to walk barefoot, then chances are that it is too hot for your dog, also.

Tired Dog

Do not leave your dog in the car unattended on hot days. Even with the windows open, temperatures in cars WILL reach deadly levels. It only takes 5 minutes! If you see a dog locked in a very hot car do something to try and help it before it’s too late.

Wrinkled Dog

Dog Tips And Facts With Images


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