10 Time Saving Tips For Busy Moms #FreeToBe

busy mom

It’s pretty much true for all of us these days and I am certainly no exception, the one thing I could always use more of is time! As cliche as it may sound, there really are never enough hours in the day. I try to plan ahead to make the most efficient use of what little time I do have. I also try to keep all the handy time saving tips I have collected over the years in mind as I am shopping, cleaning, and cooking and prepping for the week. With young kids and a super active lifestyle, having most of the things we will need prepared ahead of time and within easy reach can be a real life saver. Some tips, like the ones below, I have turned into habits that really do help keep me on track.

10 Time Saving Tips

  1. Prepare Ahead: Get your outfit and the kids’ clothes together, including accessories, underwear, and shoes and socks the night before. Anything else you might need, like sunglasses, bug spray, and non perishable snacks can go in a bag by the door.
  2. On The Go ReadinessKeep a packed bag in the car. Sore clean clothes, travel size toiletries, wipes, and small toys for babies and toddlers in the trunk so you always have an emergency fallback if you need to run out the door in a hurry.
  3. Make Meals Ahead: Cook some chicken breast in the crock pot on the weekend. It comes out moist and delicious and can be easily shredded. Shredded chicken can go in tacos, salads, or casseroles and can be mixed with BBQ sauce for a quick sandwich.
  4. Organize Your Life: Use baskets by the door to organize each person’s belongings. Color-coded baskets by the door can store personal items such as school or work bags, umbrellas, and hats ready to go when you are.
  5. Laws Of Attraction. Keep like items together. Consolidate. Store all the family art supplies in one area and everyone’s rain gear in another. This will keep you from running around frantically at the last minute when you’re already late getting out the door.
  6. Dates Are Important: Hang a wall calendar. Even very young kids should be expected to do little tasks to help out. You can keep up with those here, not to mention all the recitals, ball games, and play dates that are surely in your virtual calendar. Everyone can see them when you write them down in a central location.
  7. Technology Is Key: Use your technology. Shopping and paying bills online can be a huge time saver! You’re already paying for the convenience, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.
  8. Systematize The Laundry: Use separate laundry baskets. These can be color coded too, or you can get a rolling rack that holds multiple bags and rolls with you to the laundry room. This means clothes are already separated when you go to wash them. Use great detergents which include all in ones like all free clear laundry detergent with Oxi. Use detergent sheets such as all free clear dryer sheets to keep your clothes from clinging or wrinkling. Not having to iron saves a ton of time. All and clear has as few ingredients as possible and is not loaded with dyes and perfumes, so my kids will not get a rash from harsh chemicals.
  9. Portion Control: Separate snacks into single servings ahead of time. Not only will they be all set to grab on the go, but you can have more control over portion sizes, too.
  10. File, File, File: Keep a separate file for each family member. These can contain copies of legal documents, class lists, medical records, really anything you might need in case of emergency. Keep one copy at home and another at work.
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