3 Great Classroom Ideas

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Teachers work hard to make their classrooms a place for interactive learning and legitimate, original, scientific research. Whether you are a concerned teacher, administrator, parent, or stakeholder, there are a few basic concepts that should be considered when approaching the needs of a classroom.


  1. Lesson Plans: Think fun and engaging over standards and curriculum maps. The learning will come in more frequent waves if the students feel engaged in real experience. Let them ask the questions and find the answers. Pick an idea for the day and incorporate every lesson into that question or concept.
  2. Classroom Culture: The classroom should be a living, moving place. While there is always a need for whole-group lessons, they are the least productive and the most work. Groups of four or five students should be moving around the classroom together, and sometimes independently of each other. Faster students can move ahead or assist with emergent learners. This also allows the teacher to focus on remediation.
  3. Technology: I remember having computers in our middle school library. There was little anyone could do with them other than simple, unconnected programs. My last classroom had five student computers and a SmartBoard that was really fun. Hopefully, those days are over for all classrooms and every student has access to computer technology. Best Buy is the place for student learning tools. Young people are incorporating technology into every facet of their lives. School should be no exception.


Best Buy is committed to the idea that every student should have the resources to learn with technology. They are providing solutions for K-12 classrooms all over the country. Find a way to let them help your classroom. Whether schools are unveiling a new curriculum or utilizing new technologies, Best Buy offers both products and training.


It’s really not easy to get it all done. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Let the kids water plants while you come up with relevant lessons. Parents and stakeholders should ask how they can best support their school, their teachers, and students.

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