3 Tips For Building A Wedding Registry

building a wedding registry

This seems to be a great year for weddings and engagements. It seems like every time I turn around, someone else is tying the knot. I send out a huge thank you to those who are registered and who aren’t afraid to tell people about it! Somehow, it seems like everyone registers everywhere, yet the guests aren’t informed because it’s bad manners or something to tell people about it. Don’t include it on the invitations, they say. Don’t tell people because it will seem like you’re fishing for gifts. Um, doesn’t everyone bring a gift, anyway? Help make it easy on your busy, overworked, friends and family and register for a wide range of items that will allow anyone who is shopping for you the opportunity to buy your present with confidence!

Use these great ideas for building a wedding registry:

  1. Set up your registry early: Some friends and family will be chomping at the bit to send gifts from the moment you announce your engagement. A number of guests will also want to bring gifts to the engagement part as well. Usually these are smaller gifts, like this cool Oster wine opener, because they are saving the big ones for the actual wedding.
  2. Register at a unique location: Shopping is fun anywhere, but another trip to Wally World doesn’t usually incite squeals of joy. If you register somewhere like Best Buy, you can put more of what you really want, like this awesome Cuisinart Griddle/Grill, on the list while giving your guest exciting and up-to-date gifting options.
  3.  Register for a wide range of price points: A good rule of thumb is to divide your list into thirds. One third should be items under $50. The next step up should be items between $50 and $150. The final third should be items over $150. Places like Best Buy offer group gifting options, so the price of that incredible iRobot Roomba 880 doesn’t feel like a big hit to the old wallet.
Registering for non-traditional nest building necessities is becoming more and more popular these days. Great companies like Best Buy are doing all they can to help make registering and gift giving easy and fun!
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