7 Great Tips for Traveling with Kids

Many parents put off taking their kids on holiday until they are older as it seems quite scary and stressful. This is a shame, as traveling with younger children, watching them explore their new surroundings and take pleasure from new experiences, is a wonderful thing.

Remember, as parents you deserve a break. You may be working, or at school studying an LLM degree, and be looking forward to some time off. If you study an online LLM degree, you may even be working as you travel. Here are some great tips to make traveling with children less stressful, and more fun.

Take Their Pillow

Children love routine, and familiarity. Taking their pillow from home will help them feel safe and comfortable, both as you travel and for the duration of your holiday. If you are worried about space, buy a smaller travel or inflatable pillow, and wrap it in their normal pillowcase from home.

Lightweight Stroller

If you are flying, most airlines will let you keep your child’s stroller with you right up until you board the plane. A lightweight, easy to fold stroller will be handy, not only in the airport, but for storing in hotel rooms, and using while you are away. Be sure to also get a sunshade if you are traveling to somewhere hot.

Portable Highchair

When traveling, it’s difficult to know what facilities are going to be available. A portable highchair, in the form of a material harness that straps to a chair and can fit in your bag, is an ideal solution. It will keep your child safe and comfortable at all meal times.

Pack Sensibly

Unless you are going to the middle of nowhere, you’ll be able to buy a lot of what you need at your destination. It can be tempting to take everything you will possibly need, and extras, just in case. But realistically, you’ll be able to buy things like diapers and wipes where ever you go. Pack what you need for the journey, and a few emergency extras. Be sure to pack any diaper changing equipment, snacks, drinks, a change of clothes and some toys in your carryon luggage. Most airlines allow a separate bag per child, so don’t worry about space.


Snacks are an essential for the journey, as nothing is better at calming an anxious child. Be sure to also have drinks, baby wipes and a bag for rubbish to hand. Also, make sure any snacks you take aren’t too messy or smelly.


Entertainment is another essential. Let your child choose a few of their favorite toys, but make sure there are no small or easy to lose parts. A coloring book and some crayons are a good idea, as are a portable DVD player or games console with some headphones.

Plan in 15 Minute Intervals

Children have very short attention spans. So, plan for each activity to last for 15 minutes. Some like a DVD, they may go back to later, but others will be used for 15 minutes then that’s it. Make sure you have enough different activities and snacks to last the whole journey, based on 15 minutes each.

Use these tips to help make your trip as stress free as possible.

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