A Good Nights Sleep Nature’s Sleep Faux Down Pillow Review

A good nights sleep

A Good Nights Sleep

Do you get a good nights sleep?  The perfect pillow is key to a good nights sleep for me.  I had a pillow that was mine when I was little (yes, it was probably 20 years old) but it was so comfy and it was a must have item.  I literally took it everywhere with me and last year when I was traveling for vacation I left it behind in the condo.  When I realized it a couple of hours later, we were already home and house keeping didn’t come across it!  I was so upset, I was literally crying about it.  I have about 10 pillows on my bed at any given point and I haven’t been able to find one that gives me that rested feeling in the morning.  My sleep since I left my beloved pillow has been well…crappy.  Until now,  I received the Faux Down Pillow from Nature’s Sleep for review.

Faux down pillow

Faux Down Pillow

When I opened the box revealing my faux down pillow I was instantly impressed with the packaging.  The pillow comes in its own zippered carry bag with 2 nice sturdy handles.  This will be perfect for when I am traveling and don’t worry I will NEVER leave another pillow behind!  The pillow is made with microfiber gel clusters for contouring support.  It’s a nice soft, silky, smushy pillow that wraps around my head cradling it just right.  It has an awesome velour pillow case that is pure luxury with a beautiful Nature’s Sleep logo.  The first night I slept with it I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.  I didn’t toss and turn like I typically do.  My husband even commented on how sound I slept, he noticed because he doesn’t sleep very well himself so while he was awake he was noticing that I was sleeping like a baby.  He only uses down pillows and doesn’t like change so when he said yes to my offer to let him try out my pillow I was shocked!

He loved the Nature’s Sleep faux down pillow and wants one of his own…in fact I have caught him trying to steal mine before bed!  I’ll have to send Santa a message letting him know what my husband wants for Christmas.  Not only was the new pillow a hit with my husband, my girls eye spied it on my bed the next morning when they jumped in for cuddle time.  Of course they wanted to try out the new addition to the pillow arsenal that is our bed.  My older one said “oh Mommy I love this pillow its so squishy and soft” and my youngest who is just learning to talk said “soft, soft, soft” while stroking the pillow.  I guess I need to buy everyone a new Nature’s Sleep pillow!  I should have put my old pillowcase on it and had it go incognito!  Oh well when you find a good thing, it should be shared with those around you…everyone in my house needs and deserves a good night’s sleep.

The quality of the pillow is fantastic, its very well made with a double stitch and piping all the way around.  It’s made with 100% polyester and machine washable, which for me is perfect especially with young kids.  And because it’s a down alternative its hypoallergenic.  I washed the pillowcase and it came out great, still looks like the day it came out of the package.  You can purchase a pillow like mine for $80.  Nature’s Sleep also carries: memory foam mattresses, memory foam toppers, various styles of pillows, slippers and pet beds.  Check them out on Facebook for more product information.

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