Allergy Wristbands For Kids AllerMates Review

Allergy Wristbands For Kids

Allergy Wristbands For Kids

For parents with children of severe allergies, allergy wristbands for kids are a must.  I never realized until I had children how deadly food allergies can be.  I knew they existed but never really thought about how easily a child could be exposed to something they are allergic to.  For instance, I have had play dates at my house with a variety of snacks for the kids and little did I know some of them could potentially be harmful to my little guests!  I take extreme caution now and make sure I check with my guests to see if there are any allergies before they come over.  I was so excited to review the AllerMates wristband because I think its a wonderful idea and tool for children with allergies to let everyone around them know what exactly they are allergic to.

Allergy And Health Awareness

I think that allergy and health awareness is so very important not only for my own family but for the families I interact with on a regular basis.  I received the orange peanut allergy bracelet called P Nutty.  It’s an adjustable bracelet so it will grow with the child (fits children age 2 and up).  It’s made of hypoallergenic, latex-free, waterproof rubbery material.  The loud colors are meant to stand out and be recognized bringing attention to the allergy of the child.  This is such a perfect way to let people know the child’s allergy because as they get older they will go off to school, camps or other activities and although it may be in the organizations records that the child has an allergy every single person may not be aware of that.  I think these wristbands will give parents of children with allergies more piece of mind when they are without their children.  I have been blessed with children without allergies and I have passed this wonderful bracelet on to one of my friends whose child has a severe peanut allergy.  You can purchase this wristband for $6.99

AllerMates also carries a full line of allergy awareness products including: dog tags, necklace cords, lunch bags, medicine kits and t-shirts.  Check them out on Facebook for the latest allergy product information.

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