Awesome Adventures Thrills And Chills DVD Review

Awesome Adventures Thrills And Chills DVD

Awesome Adventures Thrills And Chills DVD

With Halloween approaching we were looking for a spooky DVD to watch, when I received Awesome Adventures Thrills And Chills DVD to review we were estatic and very spooked!  This DVD features six episodes sure to keep your preschoolers entertained and waitng for the next big event!  Thomas and Friends, Bob The Builder and Fireman Sam don’t dissappoint with this action packed Halloween inspired DVD.  Both of my girls ages 2 and 4 love all the shows and really enjoyed watching this new release from Lionsgate Home Entertainment and HIT Entertainment.

Spooky Halloween Shows

My oldest daughter was so excited about her new spooky Halloween shows we had to watch them everyday.  Her favorite is the first Thomas and Friends episode, its her favorite but also the most spooky in her opinion.  She closes her eyes for the part that the ghost is coming out…it’s pretty funny to watch!  The episodes are as follows:

  • Thomas & Friends – Halloween
  • Thomas & Friends – Haunted Henry
  • Thomas & Friends – Buzzy Bees
  • Fireman Sam – Mummy’s Little Pumpkin
  • Bob The Builder – Trix’s Pumpkin Pie
  • Bob The Builder – Dizzy’s Sleepover


Scare up some fun this Halloween with your favorite friends!  Thomas and his friends enjoy some ghostly encounters, Fireman Sam keeps everyone safe from scares and Bob the Builder and the machine team go batty with some new nighttime pals!  Get in the Halloween spirit with a few tricks, lots of treats and plenty of fun for all!

If you are looking for a family friendly Halloween DVD to put on leading up to Halloween or on Halloween Awesome Adventures Thrills and Chills will be a crowd pleasure for both girls and boys!  I know this family will be watching it from now till Halloween and keep it in our DVD library to watch next year.  The episodes are a bit spooky, full of adventure and most importantly send a positive message to your children about friendship and doing what’s right.  You can purchase the DVD for $14.98.  HIT Entertainment also features: Barney, Angelina Ballerina and Mike the Knight.

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