Baby Blankets

Soft and cuddly.  Your first sense of security.  A baby blanket is the first thing that makes you comfortable and secure.  When a baby is crying, sometimes wrapping them in their favorite blanket is the only way for them to calm down.

A baby blanket can be made from a variety of fabrics.  Choosing a fabric can be a fun part of finding the perfect blanket for your little one.  Do you want something soft and cuddly or warm and fluffy.  A cotton baby blanket is the most popular type of baby blanket.  There are so many good reasons why.  Cotton is easily washable and extremely durable.  Cotton baby blankets come in a wide-variety of colors and prints.  Wool baby blankets are warm and comforting.  There seems to be a stereotype that wool is itchy and uncomfortable.   Wool is actually a really good fabric to use with babies for many reasons.  It is very soft and it easily absorbs moisture without feeling damp and it is very breathable, so it helps to keep your baby’s temperature stable.  The best part of wool is that is does not absorb odors, so it very rarely needs washing.  Regardless of the fabric, you can find the perfect blanket that will keep your baby warm and comfortable.

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