Stroller Handle Grips from CityGrips Review

Stroller Handle Grips
I love going for walks on sunny days when weather permits. I love it even more that I have two kids that I can take with me. I do not love the terrain that I have to deal with though! I live where there are no sidewalks or pavement, just dirt road. As you can imagine it’s really annoying trying to avoid the rocks and mud. My hands always seem to get callouses and become raw and chapped from the ups and downs of the stroller.

Stroller Handle Grips

The stroller handle grips from CityGrips have helped my hands stay dry and grime free. They were invented by a mom who was tired of the yucky stroller bar that carried dirt and germs. I never thought about passing germs to my little ones from a stroller handlebar. You can easily take the grip off and wash it in mere seconds.

They go on your stroller with ease and come in bright patterns and colors that make your stroller stand out. We often go to the zoo and sometimes park the stroller. I admit that I have grabbed the wrong one more than once. I’ve used my stroller several times and am happy to report that my hands feel nice and aren’t grimy after I’m done. The CityGrips wrap around the bar using Velcro and off you go!

I also love that these are affordable and made in the USA. CityGrips ships free anywhere to the United States and can be returned if you are not 100% satisfied. Sometimes it’s hard to find a company that strives for excellent customer service as they do. There was a mishap in the grip that I needed and CityGrips sent me the correct style pronto. This is a great product and I will definitely be buying these for a few baby showers I have coming up

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