Amazon Rain Replenishing Moisturizer

amazonI received Amazon Rain Replenishing Moisturizer. I use the replenishing moisturizer once in the morning, and again before I go to bed. There is no washing off, or keeping on for a little while and then washing your face. All you have to do is rub it into your face and go about your day as normal. This moisturizer makes my skin feel flawless! It also made my skin feel smooth, and vibrant! This product boosts your skins natural defenses towards wind, sun, heat, cold, rain and snow. This product is 100% free of synthetic chemicals and artificial additives and made from 100% organic ingredients. This moisturizer is priced at $79.00. The bottle it comes in is also very stylish. There are three rain forest key ingredients to this product Espinheira Santa is used as a soothing ointment in Brazilian pharmacies, passion flower seed oil is the building blocks for healthy skin, and samambaia has been proven to protect your skin from damaging effects of sun exposure. After using it a few times I looked like I was getting back my natural glow! It also has a nice sweet natural smell to it as well. It locks in necessary moisture and reduces premature signs of ageing. The moisturizer was comfortable on my face, but to me it was just a little sticky. Once it was rubbed all the way into my skin it wasn’t sticky anymore. Everything is natural and it made my skin feel so nice and smooth. I felt pampered and rejuvenated after each use. Most of my face is very dry and on other parts around my “T” area was oily. Once I put the moisturizer on everything felt like it was supposed to. For once my skin felt good! Not too oily and not too dry, but just right! I received this product at no cost to me, but the opinion expressed is still 100% my own- Review by Katie
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