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Well, the fall season is upon us and the damage is already being done to my skin.  Dry, itchy skin is the worst.  I was dreading winter until I happened upon Gold Bond Ultimate’s new “Pearl Radiance” lotion.  I knew that the Gold Bond company had been around for a long time, so they had to have a quality product, but for the price, I was wondering to myself if it was worth it.  It totally is.  I couldn’t be happier with the way this lotion is making my skin feel.  My husband even said I looked “kind of like you’re glowing”. So far, my dry skin has been stopped in it’s tracks and I actually find myself looking forward to the winter season.

I must admit, Gold Bond wasn’t the first brand to spring to mind when I thought about lotion.  However, I was so happy with the “Pearl Radiance” that I did not even feel the need to try Natural Silk one of two new high-end lotions from Gold Bond.  “Natural Silk” lotion that softens skin and has a great hydrating feel.  I was in heaven after I put some on my legs after shaving.

After telling a friend about the Ultimate Gold Bond lotions, she told me she had stayed away from Gold Bond because she wasn’t very fond of the smell.  I ran to the bathroom and got the “Pearl Radiance” and brought it back out to her.  She took a whiff and said “Oh wow!”.  There is nothing unpleasant about how these lotions smell, I assure you.

Of the two new lotions, I’d say I like the “Natural Silk” lotion a little better.  The way it soothes after shaving is absolutely astounding.  Really, though, you can’t lose with either of these products.  Both keep your skin moisturized and both smell terrific.   With the fall season here and winter on it’s way, I can’t recommend any other lotion to do the job that Ultimate Gold Bond lotions can do.

Right now, you can go to get a $1 off coupon for these amazing lotions.  Then all you have to do is take your coupon down to your local Wal-Mart.  Then you can begin to feel the same sensational skin that I’m enjoying right now!

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