Best Online Artist Community

Freshly out of college and trying to find my fellow artists, I have gone out to find the best online artist community. Freelancing is my main focus along with some friendly competition to make it interesting. Ever since I was in high school, I would enter into mini art shows in order to grasp the experience and earn a little extra cash on the side. I now have the chance to connect through an online forum to complete with other passionate photographers just like me. Pixoto allows you to submit your work into weekly photo contests in a variety of categories to choose from. Periodically, they will run bigger contests that relate to its specific content areas. At the end of every week, the votes are tallied and a winner is picked from every category. The victor gets a cash prize in hand and the bragging rights for that week. Pixoto’s directory of players is arranged by image score. The more wins made along with the highest scores granted means more traffic to your personal website. This is one of the best online artist community and is great for freelance photographers branch out and connect with a larger audience and potential clients.

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