1940 Family Census Search Help Is Available

censusIf you’ve ever had to do a school project on your family tree, you have a slight idea of how difficult it can be to research and find accurate and detailed information regarding your ancestors and where they came from.  Many people rely on public records to find out more about themselves and their families.  United States Federal Census records can be really helpful in searching for this information, but until April 2, 2012, one of the most thorough recent United States Federal Census’ wasn’t even available to the public.  Now, you can access pictures and full data from the 1940 census indexing.  Not only are the images available, but the full set of census records are in the process of being indexed by volunteers to make your search easier.

FamilySearch.org is making it easy to search for the 1940 United States Census records that you’re looking for, by providing an easy to use search tool.  You can currently search records by State, County, or City.  Since the 1940 United States Federal Census required the full names of everyone living when the census was taken, and was the first to ask unique questions such as birth place of respondent’s parents, usual occupation, and questions related to marriage for all married women, these records will help fill many gaps in family ancestry lines.  If there’s a part of your family tree that’s missing, start with the 1940 United States Federal Census to see if you can fill in the gaps yourself!

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